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Blaqbonez followed up his 100 Crown’s 2018 debut album Bad Boy Blaq in the early days of February 2019 with Bad Boy Blaq Re-Up.

Bad Boy Blaq Re-Up is a 7 track album with a mixture of Genres; Hip-Hop, Rap and Trap. The album is a really good one, and it shows that Blaq can only get better, as time goes on; lyrics, content, context, delivery, beats, the features were too tight.

The album opened up to him trying to mend broken relationships from his come-up days to Present day. This shows maturity and his want to bury the hatchet. Rather than ride on his new found fame and call them “Haters”, he chose to throw a white towel, because he recognizes the fact that these relationships helped mould him into what he’s become so far.

Denied remix is a song talking about how his music isn’t really appreciated because the current crops of folks don’t get it because he’s way ahead of them. He’s flows and rhymes, metaphors and wordplay on this track is cool and not forgetting that it was a trap beat and he didn’t dumb it down the rap and that actually made me love it more as I hate trap because of mumble rapping. The surprise on this track was Dremo; he really made up for his very poor project with the verse, which has me anticipating his next single or project. Unpopular opinion though, Dremo killed that track. Psycho YP seems to be a trapper nice voice, but I guees he’ll improve lyrically with time.

The album shows class and really stand out from rap albums in Nigeria and really good for the culture. Not forgetting the Good Boy, which seems the exact opposite of the album title and it was just genius to go through the irony route to talk about being a bad boy; typical bad boy songs talks about bad things you do, while he said his by saying he doesn’t do such. BOJ and CKay came through on that track and it seems to soon be the most commercially successful song on the album.

He closes the album with a word of two for some folks in the industry and that track alone is most likely to spark beefs, as he’s ready to have that conversationwith them all; show promoters who fxcked him over, rappers who look down on other up-and-coming and rather than help, they try to bring them down. He called out Yung6ix for his claims that L.A.M.B stole his lines in the Martell Cypher earlier this year, and dealt him some heavy bars on it. Yung6ix has to respond with something and it must not be his wealth, but skills, as Blaq has acknowledged in the song “I know I got famous but you have the money”. Yung6ix was whopped like a kid. Darn!

He’s really improved from his last album and he’s got my permanent attention with this project. This is Album of the Year material, not just rap/hip hop category. Kudos BLACQBONEZ

Rated 7.5-8/10 for the Kulture

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