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The drama goes on between the self-acclaimed Best Rapper In Africa, Blaqbonez and top contender Vader The Wildcard, after a showdown at BeatFM’s PGM Club radio programme.

Blaqbonez was ambushed by the host, which, according to 100 Crowns label boss, A-Q, was something he expected to happen, as the host of the show, Douglas was fond of pulling stunts like that. Anyways, Douglas asked both BRIA and the contender, Vader to have a go at it on the show, but BRIA and his management walked away after showing their disappointment and making it clear that its a matter of putting “money where your mouth” is. That statement, and that of Blaqbonez (“He’s not as successful as I am”) is what triggered this article.

First off, if you paint a target as big as the Best Rapper In Africa on your back, be prepared to defend it anytime, anywhere. Blaq talking about success as a criterium before he can accept a challenge from Vader only makes his claims false as he isn’t the most successful rapper in Nigeria. M.I, Ycee, Phyno, Reminisce, Olamide, illBliss are way more successful than him, both in career as well as financially. So what exactly makes you the Best when you decide to use success as a criterium which you are not in the top 10 category. This translates to fear and noise.

Lets, for a moment put aside the ambush that Douglas staged, but then, there’s nothing wrong in having a one on one if he was very sure about his claim to that throne, and why bring money into it? The best authors, scientists, footballers, and clubs are not the richest or most successful, so why turn rap into something else? It means if they were asked to freestyle on a stage with random words thrown at them to rhyme/rap with, then it means Blaq won’t come through because he wasn’t prepared, but he was prepared to spit bars on the show before realising Vader was there? Get the fuck outta here mehn….

Then on to A-Q. It means y’all are here to milk the opportunity for not M.I, not A-Q himself, but Blaqbonez to get challenged by most up-and-coming rappers? Thats a new low for me though. Money has to be made, but there are other ways to go about it. Rather, create a tournament, if Blaqbonez decides to be involved or not, good for him. This way, you’re boosting the rap genre by drawing attention to it, and whether Blaq is in it or not, on the long run, everyone wins. The Kulture is fuelled by healthy competition and y’all ain’t making it so. All tell and no show is all I see.

At the end of the day, the words of Vader “It’s all a market strategy” ring so loud in my ears, that I must also show my disappointment in the entire Chocolate City and 100 Crown teams. If you come out to say you’re the Best without any recognised body saying so, then you should be ready to back up that claim anywhere, anytime. But hey, this is Nigeria, the land where mediocrity rolls hand-in-hand with success.

Y’all better fix-up your label and give good music and/or give a healthy competition.

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