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Yesterday morning, I decided to go get a haircut. On getting there, was jamming Big Sean’s All Figured Out before I decided to plug it in to the Barber’s Aux, after a while Kursor’s Street Soldier came on. Towards the end of the song, he then voiced his opinion “Bro’s this song make sense o! Na Dremo?”, and yes they somewhat sound alike. Told him who it was, then he said the song will blow and all, then told him again that the song is very old and he’s (Kursor) has moved on from Street/Hardcore Rap

I could see the disappointment in his face and like that he opened up like flower bud. He said the only rapper left in Nigeria is M.I (have it in mind he knows nothing about the up and coming acts and the not so popular LAMB and B-class rapper), and that Olamide is now singing, doesn’t know where to place Falz, Phyno is also singing, Vector also a singer (believing he’s listened to Lafiaji), and the only rapper doing it for the street currently is Eriga (hope I spelt that right).

It was then I realised that he was a chap that was raised and educated by the Street and also rap and hip-hop; 2Pac, Biggie, Bone Thugz, Twista, Slim Shady (not Eminem), 50 Cent, Nas, Jay-z, Fabulous, Cassidy, JaRule, D12, DaGrin, Ajasa, you get the drift by now. Years back while he was an apprentice (yeah, cheated on my barber with his apprentice and stuck with him), I was playing MoJay’s Awa O Tush O! ft. Base One, I remembered how he loved it and went on to download it because it was very relatable and the line I remember him picking up throughout the multiple times the song played was “Omo Igboro nimi, Street boy yato si Omo ita”.

Although I tend to understand the reasons behind Artistes drifting away from Rap/Hip-Hop to Afro-pop, somehow, I still do not understand it. Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year for Nigerian Rap/Hip-hop Kulture. The year started off awesome with L.A.M.B‘s Martell’s Cypher, which I must say was mind-blowing; A-Q was a BEAST on it, then Blackbonez winning me over as well, and M.I‘s double entrende with his first 4lines was everything, Kaynon kept it Loose as well, ultimately, I believe a L.A.M.B Album won’t be bad for the Kulture.

Falz’s Moral Instructions Album drop in January as well, I’m deeply in love with the Hypocrite ft. Demmie Vee, the turnoffs for me about the album was just the amount of songs on it; 8songs, really? Then the sampling of Fela in 5 of the songs. That alone was just the low for me about the project; songs weren’t crappy, content and message were highly rated, just that sampling of one Artiste’s works for more than 50% of your entire album really didn’t do it for me. He’s been speaking up in other songs; Wehdone Sir, Child of the World, Regards to your Momsi, Confirm, Sweet Boy, and he did it in his own way. Yes to pay respects to a Legend (Fela), you can go ahead and use his sample on 1 or 2 of your songs per Album, but 5 in 8 songs on one Album to me seems like wanting to be revered as the Next Fela. Then again, 30 years from now, there could be Fela and Falz two Artistes who used their own different forms of Art to speak up against corruption in Nigeria, and not Falz who used a lot of Fela’s music to make his own music.

All in all, it was a good album (6/10) with great messages, and could have been better if he had done his thing without the numerous Fela sampling. Hopefully the next Rap/HipHop albums will not score below 6. We wait on Reminisce to still drop something hopefully this year, else, 2019 will be remembered as the year Rap/Hip-hop died out in Nigeria.

Ps: in case you have an underground artiste you feel I should give a listen to, please point me in that direction. Thanks.

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