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Today, I come bearing great news.

The future of hip-hop Kulture/Movement in Nigeria is hopeful.

So after my previous rant about how hip-hop is dying out due to the errors of the big players in the game, an underdog’s project hit my radar, gave it a listen; all I can say is that A-Listers are overrated abeg.

That project is everything fam. Quarter Life Crisis EP – FEMI JR will be on my recently played for a while. Just 4 tracks and the topic it touches shows the reality of what we the youths are going through. He really painted a picture from his depressions and helps us understand what the mid and late twenties youths are going through.

Quarter Life Crisis by Femi Jr

Bar for Bar, Rhyme and flows, harmony and sync is just way above average. Featured two other artistes; Astra P with a verse on This Shxt is Vanity and Kursor holding down the hook on The Matter which to me is the hottest track of the 4 track joint.

I’ll drop some excerpt:

“…I know some old niggas still laying big bricks

I know some other guys living in their big cribs


Tell me is that a fair thing?

If life is what you make it, Why nobody give me template?

Why I gotta listen to the sermon of the sensei

If all he cares about is putting offering inside them-plates…”

Y’all need to go cop it and I guarantee you it is worth every MB and subscription. I hope this reaches him wherever he is; “Keep the fire burning bro. You can never go wrong with this kinda energy”


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