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Rap in Nigeria is dying out, and this is as a result of the obvious fact of every artists jumping on the Afrobeat, Afropop ships, rather than stick to hip-hop.

The 11th month of the year and we’ve had 7 projects (that hit my radar) so far;

  1. Rendezvous – M.I
  2. Yxng Dxnzl – M.I
  3. Black Boy Blaq – Blaqbonez
  4. Crown – Loose Kaynon & A-Q
  5. Palmwine Music 2 – Show Dem Camp
  6. Talk About Poe – Poe
  7. Codename – Dremo
  • Which is progress as regards 2017 which the only hip hop projects were 27 (Falz), High Star (Yung6ix), and “No”, Lagos Nawa (Olamide) is not a hip hop album.
  • Rap is about competition and healthy competition is good competition. It’s the same market, the same fans will buy both works and compare which is better, but the important thing is they already bought both works, so there’s no way an underdog will take your plate if you help him up the game. This olote mentality has to be left behind for this movement to progress; imagine if M.I and Vector were to be on the same track? It’s only normal for fans to compare, but imagine the kind of wave and atmosphere it would create for the kulture for the youngins to even follow it up. Rather, egos no go gree them.
  • Collaboration goes a long way in helping the movement gain more traction and the plate can never be empty. If we had 20 A-list rappers, all will have album sales regardless, because hip-hop fans are ravenous and we will always want more, regardless of time frame or who’s dropping, so far it’s good stuff (not necessarily dope).
  • The average time it takes to full consume an hip-hop album is 2-3weeks, and we hold on to our fave tracks on the album and continue to jam all other works on our playlist; Kamikaze and Carter V were less than a month apart and they both did 400 thousand copies in their first week, so why is it difficult for big rappers to lift young ones up and also lead by example by collaborating with everyone available, because our kulture is too small to accommodate beef though.
  • All the projects this year were average, save for Codename which was below average. Uncle Vector, we deserve an apology project for the disappointing Lafiaji, we miss you and hope you come back home to the King Kong and pre-Lafiaji era.
  • Phenom, bless us with something, the digital era has made it easy for sales to be made, the average iPhone and android user now stream music (paid) so, e bad e bad, money will still be made, how much to be made is now a matter of how dope the work is.
  • Do not forget to collaborate with other rappers and singers, it helps expand your market and if it happens it becomes a hit, you have 2 shows to attend already; yours and the featured artiste.
  • Alaga Ibile, bless us with a project as well, you are long overdue. Baddo, edakun, we are grateful for Bugle, but your hiatus from rap (to wobe and Shaku Shaku) since Glory has made you a bit rusty, 2 more songs and we will have the VOTS Baddo back.
  • Phyno has kukuma said he’s not a rapper, but then, Fuwa Sewa isn’t Afropop either, please become a rapper again and bless us as well. No Guts, No Glory & The Playmaker really moved the Kulture fam.
  • I just wonder what a track with all the heavy weights on it would do for the Kulture; M.I, Vector, Phenom, Yung6ix, Reminisce, Olamide, Phyno, Naeto C, Sinzu, Ice Prince, Falz. Regardless of how long the track is, it will be talked about for at most a year, and will be remembered as the hip-hop revolution in the history of our Kulture.
  • Show love to each other and stop this oju aye.
  • ✌🏾 Peace.
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