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Last night, the twitter verse was sparked to life by a brief exchanges between Royce Da 5’9 and Tory Lanez.

It all started with Royce responding to a fan’s question directed at him, asking him if he felt Lanez came out the winner from the two round diss tracks, to which he responded with a simple “No”

Tory wasn’t taking any of that and went straight for the jugular by attacking Royce’s career, which hasn’t been a bad year for Royce so far with 2 Albums in 2018 alone; Book of Ryan and Prhyme2 a collaborative album with DJ Premier. Both albums had good numbers and he’s (Royce) currently on tour in Australia when this exchange started.

Royce’s response showed he wasn’t offended or probably was anticipating that kind of response from Lanez, so he “let it slide” because Lanez is “New” in the game, and regardless, he felt Lanez diss tracks were “dope” as well.

Royce has been on the rap scene since 1995 and has 13 Albums (collaboratives included), 1 EP, and 11 mixtapes to his name, while Tory on the other hand only begun his career in 2009 and has just 3 albums, 1 EP, and 17 Mixtapes to his name

Tory went on to delete the first reply and followed up that he didn’t delete the tweet because his scared of Royce’s lyrical prowess and the “old n**ga (Royce da 5’9)” has a right to his opinion. That must have triggered Royce to followed up with a “a** beat” threat and was giving him the “benefit of the doubt” because Tory Lanez is Canadian and shouldn’t get him (Royce) “Upset”.

Tory replies with a “Suck my D**k” and Royce told Tory to “remember, you said it, not me”

Royce is from Detroit and he is 41 years old, Lanez is only 26years old. Beef escalating to violence (with D12’s Proof) is not new to Royce da 5’9 and being threatened by guns isn’t also new to Royce, as the case of Benzino showed. Royce responded to the threaten by bringing a bigger gun; a rocket launcher.

Is Tory Lanez really sure he can take on Royce Da 5’9 in and out of the booth?

What do you think?

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