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Looking up and down

Standing and sitting in confusion

Feeling like all is finished

But still we must face it
It seems the earth has gone blur

It feels like all is lost

What’s the head without the neck

But we’ve got to face it
Having a faint smile 

When there is nothing to laugh about

Feelings of neither cold or hot

But we must face it
It comes like a thief at night

Takes the heart and mind of d weak

Only d David among us stands

But we have to face it
It either leaves pain or joy

Those who are courageous tackles it

And those who cannot fall prey

But we can face it
Who are mainly d victims

The teens, yes d teens

They call it the stringent stage in life

But it must be faced
It’s like a battle field

Where we have to be focus and willing

Lacking direction means almost d end

But we will face it
We have to concentrate on d major

Leaving d minor

Concentrate on things we can change

Leaving what we can’t

Then we will face it
Putting our first love

Kneeling  and having a conversation

Then and only then d answer shall be told

And we will face it


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