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For a while
There seems to be a bleak of smile
Dancing in its pace
Freedom we thought
It was cut short
The dawn for another episode begins

Cases submitted
Battlefield is prepared
Voices dropping in echoes
Canes as weapon
The open chest served as the drum
The anger too fierce to bear
pains pricked the heart
Panting erupts
Swollen eyes breeds tears
Confusion here and everywhere

There lies young mushrooms
Chained to listen
Listen though
We can’t get on the battlefield
That felt heavier than the burden at hand
It was a bag of punishment

Accusations were tossed around
Arguments as defence
Sadness stamped on their faces
Oh no!
The power to rule for peace
Even just for 24 hours

Echoing voices lowered
Weapon misplaced
A moment of silence reign
Though in burning fences

This episode takes the form of déjà vu
The line has just been drawn


written by Zainab Shekoni

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