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Please give me a bedspace or a space in your bed
For I have toiled all day
Scouting for cowries
So I can pay your dowry.
Now I am back
But with a tired back
And I am in need of your soft lap
To soothe my weary head.

Adunni mi,
I have walked through the rigors of Awo
The skyscraping buildings of PG Hall
And have even been attracted
By the divas of Alumni_
But I declined just so I can get to Moremi- your abode, fast
And be embraced by the richness of your warmth.

I promise you Adunni mi;
After our night of glory tonight
You will still see more-of-mi
At Mo-re-mi
As I make you do-re-mi
Under the blanket of ecstasy.


Written by Paul Bushman

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