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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another scintillating episode of The Greatest Show on Earth.

Today we take a glance, as usual, at the players, the audience, and the game as well.

We lift the curtains to the drama between the 2 strong parties at the Federal level. Both aspirant are well past the retirement age, both aspirant have ruled before (one as a deputy), one of the aspirant is still wanted in the United States of America for fraud in which one of the culprits, a US legislator is serving jail time as we speak. The other received his WAEC attestation recently due to his bid for re-election, somehow, I keep wondering how he was qualified for the first term and now has to present the Certificate for the sake of a second term. Na wa.

So in the first term, we’ve had the NYSC certificate forgery, we’ve had the WAEC attestation saga, the selection of dead humans as DGs of Organisations, re-appointment of Criminally charged individuals as a DG, plummet of the economy, and recently, total chaos; ASUU on strike, NLC soon to go, NNPC still running Subsidy more than a year after it was scrapped and fuel price was hiked up to that effect, cost of running the Government is still DAMN HIGH, and minimum wage is still less than $100 (One hundred US dollars) a month.

Coming to the State level, the model state of the ruling party held a comical Primaries in which the incumbent lost woefully; which is still an understatement. Footages if obvious rigging were leaked, guess what, result was upheld anyways.

Going up North, iSpy camera been dropping episodes of 1 sitting Governor on separate occasions receiving bribes. Somehow, he’s still in power, no charges by the EFCC and DSS have been put forward, as the video evidences keep getting better and better episode after episode.

Let us also remember the lost souls in the unrest in Kaduna, as well as the death of the Kidnapped Monarch in that State as well. May they find peace in the bosom of the Lord.

There are more than enough viable candidates out there, but the audience still decided to settle for the lesser evil of the 2. Whilst we have young vibrant candidates everywhere, but “NO!” they said “The ones who tried and failed and wish to try again” is what they settled for.

Whilst people are putting forward ways to move us ahead of Africa Countries that were once behind us in development and have now gone ahead of us in every aspect, yet we settle for mediocrity because there’s quick money to be made if they are voted in. Well then, is Leadership the problem of Nigeria? I’d say the problem lies with its audience. It’s been 58years and no Constant Power Supply, our educational syllabus is stuck in the 80s, 80% of our leaders are past retirement age and tagged Senior Citizens in developed Nations, the average Graduate youth is unemployed, Professionals (Drs, Engrs, Farmers) are leaving the Country in truck loads, Law enforcement is no different from the elements they protect the citizens from, the remaining have to kiss ass, kill their conscience, forgo their humanity in order to pay rent and live the life.

All I can say is, look beyond the present and get back the power from the Government, vote in an underdog and everyone sits up and actually do things that move the Nation forward.

Until next time, PEACE.

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  1. It really bothers me that we have refused to support the younger generation, and look to other parties . We always limit ourselves to these two evils because that is how I see them.

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