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Well the country has been plagued with a new problem asides the scarcity, hard economy and declining Boko Haram threat, this new threat is the violence against farmers and villagers by Fulani Herdsmen in various parts of the country and more recently, Enugu.

Before I delve into this case, the foundation of this Country must be reckoned with at every stage. Since the 1st coup, the finger pointing at the origin and religion of our leaders began. I’ll admit that I also was part of this bandwagon, but then, education created enlightenment and enlightenment will promote unity and peace.

No Country on this earth is made up of One Ethnic community or Tribe, hence, the term Unity is not something easy to come by but with education and inter ethnic relations it can be achieved. In this epistle, I’ll touch issues on the Boko haram, the MASSOB & IPOB, Herdsmen Massacre, the typical Nigeria Citizen, and of course a way forward.



The Hausa man (including all the minorities here) is Normadic, can easily relocate without too much attachment. The Hausas have a history in marauding and invading other regions (Illorin, Sokoto etc); quick to anger as he feels he is being cheated for his lack of education and inability to understand the other man’s language. All this can be attributed to the upbringing they received; no cosy feelings from Daddy, no close monitoring from mummy, they literally trained themselves. Not forgetting that they are the most populous ethnic group and they have the highest amount of illiterates in the country, hence the overreaction as well.

The Igbo man on the other hand, is business inclined, he is smart and believes he’s smarter than all other ethnic groups by right. He’ll prefer to learn the customer’s language in a bid to increase his sales, which to me I admire. He isn’t inclined towards change and objectivity i.e. Christian Parents, Muslim Children, Yoruba/Hausa In-laws. He is also superstition and of course a conspiracy theorist.

The Yoruba man is a fence sitter, lazy, inclined towards change i.e. Muslim Parents, Christian Children, Igbo/Yoruba in-laws and somewhat accepts things as they are and not much of a theorist. He resorts to violence as a last resolve except of course; he’s being paid to do so during elections.

All the above characteristics are just stereotypes and at no one time does a single one has all these characteristics, as there are exceptions in all the characteristics stated above. But for the sake of this article, we will just hold on to it (or not).



The President of Nigeria is the Commander-in-Chief, in charge of the Military. The IG of the Nigeria Police Force answers to him as well. The essence of Democracy is for power to be shared across the States of the Country hence the Autonomy of the States (not the USA kind of autonomy though).

The CEO of each state (Branch Manager) is the State Governor, who has over 10,000 (including the Police Commissioner) Armed Security forces at his beck and call to protect the lives and properties of his Citizens as well as to maintain law and order.

The President is the CEO of the Country and cannot dive into every branch office matters. He’s concern is the overall welfare of the Company or Country., and has to allow the branch manager do their jobs and can only interfere in this is if the Branch Manager Cries wolf or the problem escalate into a state of extreme insecurity in the said State, besides this two situation, all he can do is have meetings and provide suggestions for the Branch Manager to apply and being a Democratic Government, he can choose to accept or reject these suggestions and go with a situation he deems fit.



It is being said that the sect existed from the time of Obasanjo’s regime, others say Yar’Adua’s regime. Whichever regime this sect started from, it is common knowledge that they are mostly comprised of the Hausas and they practice Islam. That being established, the sect met its doom at the hands of Buhari’s regime who we all know is Hausa and also a Muslim, thus, which debunks the Nepotism of the Religion and Tribe/Ethnic Group in this issue. Please, do hold on to this portion for later purpose.



It is our Constitutional right to hold peaceful protests and to make ubiquitous demands and requests of our country which include a secession as well as free wifi in the country, but the moment this protest disturbs other citizens daily activity and then it endangers their lives and properties, then the crowd has to be dispersed with the use of mild force which includes tear gas, water hoses, rubber bullets.

The incident of the NPF clash with IPOB and MASSOB in some Eastern States was as a result of orders being carried out on behalf of the State Governors of the various States, especially Rivers State which Public declare its disinterest in accommodating such protests as they endanger his residents livelihood and properties; Governors, not President.

There are the #OccupyNASS and the #OurSenatePresident protesters in Abuja, the Security Forces just stay and observe from afar and do not disrupt the protesters but were forced into action when violence sprung out between both Parties, and the President didn’t need to intervene, because there is a Constitution and the Abuja Commissioner knows he’s duty and doesn’t need Supervision or go ahead from the President to perform his duties.



The recent violence of the Herdsmen is a new trend in the Country in several States that has amounted to deaths and kidnappings of the affected farmers and communities.

The escalating violence is as a result of overreaction of the Herdsman to the action of the Farmers and communities. At least, that is my thought. Then, even that is a crime and which leaves it as a job for the Police and DSS of the said State, which means the Governor’s (not the President) call of duty. He will apply pressure to the relevant offices for results, as they are being paid with these people’s taxes.

I have come across herdsmen in Osun State (3 or 4 groups a week) and only once I saw a man in a 4man pack with a dane gun and another with a bow and arrow, the rest I see with sticks and catapults, but I’m sure they have Knives and Machetes concealed. As a nomadic group that wanders from one strange land to another on foot via wilderness with a herd of cattle, I believe having the above listed is a means of survival in the wilderness; for both protection against wild animals and to provide themselves with food. Even the Bible speaks of Shepard being armed to protect their flocks and themselves from wolves, bears and Mountain Lions. All these weapons possession and use has to be checked also, by the proper authorities whose duty it is to enforce law and order in the society (the police) not the President.

I know everyone is Angry and need someone to blame, but then all enquiries should be at the State Governor (not the President) who then passes on this to the Commissioner for a visible result in these matter. Until then, the way forward is to locate the root of this problem because we all know these herdsmen have been plying most of these routes way before Independence and Amalgamation as well, and to locate these problem, the Governors have to have a seat down with all the stakeholders in this case to come to a parley and let this thing be behind us.


The President can’t do everything for us as this is explicitly stated in the Constitution, which he swore an oath to during the swearing-in. Granted the Economy has fallen since his regime started but then, there’s a silver lining to it all. The trip to China really favours the Industrious tribe i.e. the Igbos, which then debunks nepotism. The P.H refinery now coughs up over 35M litres of refine PMS weekly, the Judicial Arm of the Government is not being bullied by the office of the accused brought before it and not afraid to rule in favour of Justice or in favour of whoever has the best case to present.

He can’t take up every matter because it has been delegated to different officers and officials in various arms of the Government. Lets just open up our hearts and see beyond the anger and ignorance of nepotism and realize that we have achieved more than we have gained in this regime.

I’m not a political being, neither an APC-ist nor Buhari-ist, but I know progress when I see one, and so far he is the only President in Nigeria to follow the due process laid down by the Constitution in the history of this country. He hasn’t interfered in the matters of the NASS leadership or proceedings, he refuses to be in war of words with a Governor who sorts to distract him instead of focusing on his State, the Administration has supplied funds for SME in several sectors in an effort to diversify the Country from the Oil (which has crashed prices), but then, instead of we opening our minds for ideas in which to improve the economy to get access to these funds, we would rather find faults in his origin, religion and his party.


Dear Youths, please it is time to do something positive for our Country, Economy and Lives and stop ranting on Social Media from the comforts of your apartments paid for with money from the job which has gained from some of these new policies; There’s a word for that HYPOCRISY. Let us grow and forge ahead.


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