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How to begin… Well, its a new day and we thank God. Before I thence proceed into this article, id like to apologise ahead for the disappointment of some (most) of you.

Its been a while have written an article, and its been too long the blog was offline. As usual, I’ll put forward the reason(s) to make you all understand the situation of things as well.

I was on a package with my hosting company (not Doamain name) and I, in all my ICT knowledge forgot to backup my blog (probably due to on going examinations then) before it expired. Then i decided to carry on my server, then came the shock; I was told to renew the product then pay an extra fee (which was in excess of tenfolds of the renewal fee) to get my old blog (data; articles etc) back. I was to choose from 2 choices which left me on the loosing end n either options.

OPTION 1: I pay the fee, get back over 24 months of data, and will have to go against the founding principle of the blog so as to get back some of the money spent on its rescue. The principle which was to offer free services and not to charge any of the up and coming acts a dime in order to promote their sounds on the blog (equal opportunity). I’d have to turn it into a full-time business.

OPTION 2: I ignore the charges and start afresh i.e. loose over 24months of data, and then continue to render the same selfless service the blog was created for.

Now you see my debacle. Make money or start afresh.

I have decided to go with option 2. Although i believe I’ll forever miss works like The Bank Robbery, The Drummer’s Exodus, Pursuit of Happiness, The Consultant, Alms, and all other random intriguing and humorous articles (>24 MONTHS) *sips coffee*. Over 100 uploaded songs and videos, and free ads, all of which are nothing but memories.

To begin my roll of apologises; to my siblings and pals and supporters who wanted me to monetize the blog, I am sorry for the disappointment. To ones whose works of art has disappeared from the internet, I am truly sorry. Finally, To readers whom I have deprived the privilege of going back in time to relish some of the old posts, I am very very sorry.

All this pressure coincided with the N500m Banana Island House by a Blogger. I almost bulged, but then, Yorubas have this adage “Ona kan o wója (More than one route into the market)”. Market here stands for success or wealth or dreams or goals or visions and there isn’t just one path to the market, therefore, I’ll stick with mine as she stuck to hers.

I have faith in this new beginning as creativity gets better by experience, fellow readers prepare to be blown by yours truly, a Konga Verified Blogger, a Pensioner’s son, a black sheep, and the being with the darkest sense of humour and twist. Omobabapension is back, and i believe “Welcome Back” are in order. Safe

P.S  Still open for business as usual, check the about page on how to get your work on the blog.