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These days, the ads airing on TV are morally decadent.
Growing up, we had the BLUE BAND’s “Children! Its breakfast time” ad, classy stuff and straightforward message. Also had the SUNLIGHT melody also. Fun time.
These days we get crappy songs from the House of Chi ads (all of them) except for the Superbite and Active Juice ads. Not forgetting the Promo or DeRica ads on BRT buses.
To the Tomato paste first. You see a girl vividly licking her plate. I wonder which learned/educated parent encourages their kids to lick their plates, as a matter of fact they groom them never to empty the plate when eating. The licking of plate has become “OK” to be used as a selling point for the tomato paste company.
Moving on to superbite. Well every mothers’ job is to prevent their kids from picking stuffs from the floor and into their mouth. Superbite says its “OK” to pick and eat so long its a beef sausage. A grown man picking up portions of Superbite on the floor to trail a girl, Seriously?! And he ends up ripping off his shirt at a party of girls. Well the active was OK and its a first step to progress.
All in all, someone was paid millions of naira for that kind of creativity, talk about legal hustle. The murder of creativity… House of Chi, the Lord is your muscle. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son. Not Proofread or Edited

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