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plane theory

Days after the building of SCOAN came down, there have been a series of controversies over the cause of the collapse by the Leader of the Ministry Prophet T.B Joshua. It was the doing of Boko Haram, then it was a plane (Seriously), then he said he saw a vision but it was late (*sips coffee*), automatically all the perished victims are all martyrs (say “GOD”). 

This is a short and precise article, more of a hammer on the nail kind. So Boko Haram decides to hit Lagos, they do so by attacking a church (under construction) and overlook locations such as the Shopping Malls, garages etc which will have serious casualty figures; please brother Joshua leave it.

Moving on to the plane; Was there a plane or photoshoped and video editing? I watched the video on Youtube and it looked edited to me. Per chance its real, would it take a plane (that size in the picture) 2 minutes to come around to the same exact flight pattern once then follow that same flight pattern at 4-5 intervals? Even Chico Ejiro would have done a better job.

As for the late vision part, it sounds like a Story from the classics “Tales by Moonlight”. Who in his/her right mind will go to the market and pay money for that crap of a story. Which to me seems like a #StoryForThegods…

“Give to Ceaser’s what is his and to God what is his”. Just for the sake that you run a salvation ministry doesn’t mean you are above the Law. Jesus obeyed and respected the Laws/Government of his time, hence the quote. You embark on renovations and reconstruction of a 2storey building to a 5storey  without permission from proper authorities, whose Ideal portfolio is to take tests on soil, the building and all before approving the project or modifying the project for safety reasons, but they went ahead to do this, it collapsed, people are dead, you refuse to take blame, then you call those dead martyrs forgetting they have died for the sake of his pride and (under maybe) ignorance.

Who is Fooling Who?

Soul of the departed rest in peace. Safe

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