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About a decade ago, one of my sisters brought her boyfriend home for formal introduction to BABA PENSION and le MADRE.

Before going any further, We are born and bred in Mafoluku Oshodi. In other words, you can have lots of girlfriends (as a guy), where as introducing your boyfriend to your parents is equivalent to Marriage and Introduction (Once in a lifetime). Thats why I believe it takes much longer for the guy to meet her parents than the lady to meet his parents. So bringing home that guy is as legit as the Engagement and marriage. I vividly remember my sister bring home a bloke to meet the parents and it is still fresh in a young blood’s mind. 

THE FATHER: My father (a playboy) is a polygamist; married to 3 wives. A disciplinarian and somewhat a man who allowed his kids make their own decisions on Course of study and choice of marriage. I happened to be present at this particular meet the boyfriend instant.

Well, the bloke sat in the living room with the old man for over an hour staring at the TV, before the wife came in and told him to have a chat with his son. What he did next was priceless: He beckoned on her to come closer and whispered into her ears “What do I talk to him about? You know I’ve never done this before” Her response was swift and direct, ask him about his work and his intentions about your daughter.

MeetWell at this point I realised that this meeting is the particular moment (not the wedding and/or engagement) the father realises he’s lost his SuperHero status with his daughter, and a younger blood is the new superhero. She has brought home your replacement to show to you like “Hey dad, meet the guy that now puts me in awe. Sorry, you’ve been replaced. Thanks for the education and the upbringing, now I have to step up and leave the past (you) for the future (him)” Now if you ask me, its very very BLOODY GUTSY. Just like that, a young blood takes your spot in your eyes and she rubs it in your face by bringing him home whilst he’s yet to propose to her, and you must sit there with a forced smile and glad hospitality in accepting this bloke into your family (whilst he’s yet to propose to your angel).

Its sad, if you ask me though. Then, life is full of wonders and all you have to do is sit there and drink the scotch (or drink) he brings over as a gift, which to fathers is the “Hi, I’m the guy doing your angel, heres a wine for you to swallow this newly found hard truth”

For all future fathers (of daughters) this is a pill we have to swallow at one point in our daughters’ lives and its a fate we would have to accept. Kindly brace yourself for this moment from the time she’s in her 300 level (for us the ghetto breed) till whenever it happens. Its just the gospel truth, and honestly, this isn’t just fair. Safe

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