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Is the reason behind the illegality and refusal of other forms of sexuality asides Heterosexuality the Holy Books and Morality?

Nigeria, the now self-proclaimed giant of Africa has refused to discuss the legality and seriousness of other forms of Homosexuality since it has been gaining ground in the Western World. They base their arguments on Religion, Morality, Culture and Traditions, forgetting that our normal way of life in this Country is the exact opposite of said backers of the LGBTQ argument.

You might want to question my opinion on this matter. Well, my opinion is basically, I don’t give a rat’s ass where a man decides to stick his Magic Stick or what another man decides to welcome into his Glory Hole. So long it’s consensual and the love making is in private, which is the standard for heterosexuals as well, then it’s no one’s concern. If they like, they hold hands, and go the whole 9 yards with PDA and all, it’s still nobody’s business. Live and let live; it’s the normal thing to do. Someone’s bedroom affairs shouldn’t be anyone’s problem.

Older generations are way ahead of us in moral bankruptcy. Talking about the septuagenarians and those before them, stench of moral bankruptcy and it was hidden under the guise of polygamy. Even at that, men with several wives still had concubines, mothers had children for 3-4 different men, somehow, they’re the first to judge Young’s girls, they are quick to reject the idea of homosexuality in Nigeria even though we’ve heard of closet homosexuals amongst these Makers of Law.

This matter shouldn’t be a problem, it’s the least of our problems. It’s been 58+ years and Basic Amenities is still a struggle, Corruption is just one speed dial away, it’s fruits being declared as God’s Blessings and those generous with said loot are revered as heroes and have monuments, schools, stadiums and roads named after them. Wunderbar!!! Yet we have the effrontery to use Religion and morality as a backing for the denial of LGBTQ legalisation. Oh Well.

We have more serious issues at hand and I don’t think prosecuting someone for having sex with another human being regardless of gender is the way forward to our development. At least for one, people won’t get to live a lie and reduce quite a lot of mental distress as a result of this lie and facade they put up so as to be perceived as normal.

I just believe Basic Human Rights should be in the lines of allowing people make love to whomever or whatever they want, so long as person is of legal age and also consents to it, just like it has been with heterosexuals.

What’s your take of it?

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