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“A robbery has just taken place at the FBN Dopemu branch at about 9:30am this morning. According to eye witnesses, the culprits came in disguised as mobile police officers. Two of them went through the front gate while the last person (presumed to be the leader) blew a hole in the wall with 2 dynamite sticks

, which on the other hand seemed less than necessary because demolition experts says he needed one, hence the drastic damage done to the right side of the building, surrounding buildings’ windows and glass doors where shattered, vehicles in a 100m radius had their screens crumbling.
They came in 5mins upon the arrival of the armoured van in the bank. The 2 that came in through the gate had the other 2 MOPOL officers attached to the bank incapacitated with bullet wounds their stomach and knees, the gunshots was simultaneous with the explosion.
1 of the robbers moved away from the MOPOL officers and headed straight for the van, the other headed for the door and the last through the hole in the wall. The police escort in the van(which was empty) who was still trying to regain his sense of balance from the shockwave created by the blast was knocked unconscious by the robber with his gun and headed straight for the cash deposit room (where the stacks are confirmed awaiting storage in the vault) he filled 2bags with cash, went back to the front gate, to prepare 3 getaway vehicles from the stack of vehicles, abandoned by their owners upon the explosion.
The robber who went through the front door entered the the hall (customers and staffs were either unconscious or disoriented) and went for the bulk room, filled up a bag, head for the deposit room, while the one from entering from the wall took a look round the hall and joined the other in the deposit room and filled up both his bags. On their way out, went to every tellers corner and picked up the cash there, entered the gate house where the other MOPOL officers were kept. One of the officers said he asked for his phone and called for an ambulance for him. He (the leader) got out and they all entered 3 separate vehicles and drove off spraying what is presumed the Teller cash for onlookers and vanished into the Ikeja-Cement holdup.
Amazingly, no life was lost but the casualty figures are up to 33 which ranges from concussion from the explosion and 3 law enforcement officers suffering from gunshot wounds. The Lagos commissioner for police has arrived at the scene expressing dismay and disgust at the robbers, while some movements have praised the robbers and blame the government for causing the robbery as there are no jobs for graduate and they (the politicians) continue to loot public funds and the EFCC not being able to prosecute one of these politicians. With this mixed feelings going on, investigations are being undertaken by the police anti-robbery squad to root out these perpetrators.
I’m Dele Araoye reporting for AIT.”

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe

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