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The year is 2015, the year of the bank robbery of First Bank Of Nigeria (FBN) Dopemu branch located between 2 other banks; Zenith Bank and Fidelity Bank. 3 robbers left with a loot of roughly N80m. When it been a long time coming and here are the details.
Approximately 385miles away, the campus of the famous Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. 2009, beginning of rain semester and the budding of friendship of 3 young men; Deomi 20, Sunkanmi 18, Bode 17.
   Bode a shy introvert, highly intelligent and brilliant, developed interest in organise crime and strategy books, good chess player, fairly good with the ladies and scored, a little bit open-minded. Loves classical music, computer program enthusiast, forex follower. Wants be his own boss, was going to do so by running a farm until he met Deomi.
Sunkanmi much more an extrovert, a good researcher in the biological field, not open minded, sour loser and abysmal victor, good football player, incredible brilliance, average chess player. Tried to build interest in organized crime, strategy, political and historical books but failed. A lover of contemporary music and a rapper also. Was cool with ladies, but never scored. Wanted to be a medical doctor, until he met Deomi and Bode
Deomi was social, an extrovert and jovial personality, loves both contemporary and classical music, good football player and chess player. Into history, politics and crime books, good researcher in every other thing apart from his course of study, hence fairly brilliant, very intelligent. Cunning and always have a plan and ulterior motive, an ex-martial arts student and street kid. A gadget and car enthusiast, computer nerd, a very fast learner of any application and never went to a computer school to get educated on any. Loves video games for africa. Wanted to be very wealthy by being CEO of Guinness Nigeria Plc, until he met Bode and Sunkami.
There’s only one ultimate motivator on earth, its name is poverty/broke. Being a broke kid opened up Deomi’s creativity and he came up with numerous ventures with potentials of racking up maximum profit in its first year of establishment. He began to discuss all this with Bode and Sunkanmi, it was then Sunkanmi realised his undying want for money and abandoned the quest for Hippocratic Oath, decided to use his musical gifts. Bode then saw the depth of Deomi’s research and decided to fall in line. As always, you spend money to make money, being in a Nigerian institution a part-time job paid terribly. None of their plans ever saw the light of the day while on campus. They all had the mind-set “money can be made legally or illegally except for ritual money and just 1 robbery as the last resort”.
The crew was loved by people who met them, they completed each other, stuck with one another through thick and thin, and evolved to being brothers and not friends.

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