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Twister431x290It is very understandable that everyone wants a piece of the action or a slice of the cake, hence the grievance of Ida Esu for wanting 50 percent (Cheeky Basterd), Deomi knew this and realised he had to prove a point so as to be left alone by Ida Esu.

12hrs into Ida Esu’s ultimatum, the boys still hurdled up in their hotel room, Bode and Sunkami  FIFA 14, whilst Deomi was on the phone at the other end of the room all hushed up and  cagey while conversing. He drops the call, goes to the boys and speaks in “Alright, since we have a plan, how do we entrap him for our crimes?”
“I know a guy!” Bode said….
“About time you spoke up”, Sunkami interjected, “How did you come about the gears we used? Trust me, I’m dying to know”, throws groundnut in his mouth and chews it mischievously, “Come on mate, open yansh!”.
“Ogbeni Faraburuko bale!  (Young Man calm down) Lets hear what he has to say”, turning to Bode “Velly goodt bahdt Guy, u go like tell this committee how you got such lovely gears for the job?”
“I know a guy” Bode said, “So you the ‘I know a guy Bobby’ from 2 guns?” Deomi interrupted with a raised eyebrow. The boys laughed it off, then Bode picked up were he left off whilst walking towards the door “Guys seriously, I know a guy and…” there was a soft knock on the door “… at the door” he opens the door, the Police commissioner walks in.

“Evening Gents!” the Commission greeted as he walks in, Sunkami smiled “I’m proud to be Nigerian! Now that is a traitor… I mean Patriot” the commissioner snapped back “Careful young man, thread softly”. He takes a seat, looks towards Bode “Boy its been a while and I must congratulate you guys for pulling this off, No Life lost. You did good. How long has it been since I owed u the favour again?”
“12 years sir” Bode replied.
He looks towards Deomi, who was quiet all through the while he was in, walks towards him “And you must be the brains of the operation? Good to finally meet you son. Call me Aro and I’m Bode’s area father” stretched out his hand. Deomi gave him a hand shake “I’m Deomi sir. Nice to meet you too”
“What’s this problem I’m hearing about this ‘Ida Esu’ fellow and his ultimatum?”
Bode briefed him about the mysterious phone call and his threats. “So how much was the loot? And by the way, where is it?”
“In a safe place” Sunkami replied.
“So what’s the plan?” Aro asked.
“Entrapment sir. Police gets their scapegoats, press gets their news, victims get their consolation, society gets its criminals, and you get your promotion sir” Deomi replied.
“You are truly a work of art. Good thing this isn’t a full time job for you, we’ll be chasing winds. I’ll head back and get things ready on my end. Keep me posted on the venue of the exchange”. The commissioner departs.
“Alright fellas, let’s go clubbing”. Deomi said as he puts an SD card in his pocket.

On their return, their room had been ransacked…

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