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Its no longer news about the abduction of 234, sorry 250, I meant 200 and something girls (the figure keeps changing at every turn) from their hostels in Chibok, Borno state Nigeria. It so happened that over 200 girls were loaded unto trucks by armed men, later identified on 5th of May, carted away into a forest and vanished into thin air.

It is understandable that it might take “never” finding 1 kidnapped person, but over 200 persons (not grains of rice) is way too much to take 3weeks to even officially identify the abductors.
The upside is that we now know that we are being ruled by a potential comedian and an already great comedienne as his better half. On National (and international) television, our president, whether trying to be in good faith with the masses or to relax off the job, made statements that will forever burn into our memories till the next polls. For me personally, I’ve read different transcripts of the so called Media Chat held on 4th of May and concluded that our GCFR is ignorant of the fact that words start and end wars, tears down a heart and mends it. He didn’t act like a leader as he never ever for once take any blame as a leader does sometimes, instead, he acted like everyone when they were younger; find an excuse or blame someone.
Below are some of his punchlines (he really might have had a successful songwriting career) he gave the Nation on his chat:

“You can’t negotiate with people you don’t know, Sometimes, you people know more than me”. I can’t help but wonder why we spend Trillions of Naira on Security and it happens that the journalists who earn 2-5million a year happen to know a whole lot of book haram (BH) than the Government? Its okay if the President does not want to give out details of their strategy to the Press as the BH might be watching, he could use the word “Classified”, because I’m beginning to think he actually means it as this is the second time his saying that (Feb media chat).

“We’re receiving an unfair share of the global terror” He tried to blame foreign forces (wonder if #ifa is one of em) for the terrorism going on in the country, because we are the largest economy in the world so, it is expected to happen. Yet, I can’t still wrap my head around the facts that it was only last month we got to that title and we’ve be terrorised before our 50th anniversary in 2010 and he decides to point fingers at #Ifa as the cause of the terrorism here? Better get your PR team in order.

“Terrorism is not a phenomenon a six months or one year State of Emergency can solve”. Seriously?! All you need to do is go for the jugular. How? Find the financier of this sect and hang him. It can’t be too hard to look for him, they have “sophisticated” weapons, means they are being brought into the country somehow. Well we know they are here, we cage them by closing down the borders close to their location and choke them from both sides, kinda like making up your mind to kill that vermin in your room, you corner it or you poison it or trap it, all in the confines of your room which it co-habits with you.

“If anybody steals billions, I am telling you, we will know… billions now in this country, we will celebrate it,”. Actually, somewhere in between this line is the popular trend #AmericaWillKnow# came up. Somehow we managed to know that the 20billion (which Sanusi said was missing) actually belongs to USA. I could only come up with 2 possibilities, either we help USA keep some of their excessive foreign Reserves, or, USA is our new colonial master (can’t help but wonder when did he complete the sell out?), guess we should have put up a “This country not for sale. Beware of 419” on our National flag (on wikipedia)

This we all thought, was the end of the drama, but, it seems the First Lady needed to get out her views also and ended up with the Blood Sharing in Borno state and the fact that There is God ooo on National television just 2 days after her Hubby’s chat. God save us cum 2015 polls, until then, Shekau has put the girls up for sale, and I wonder if he thinks the girls are his to sell, only an effective operation by our security forces can tell him that. Until that time, the spokesperson should be out of a job Mr. President

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P.S My opinion is just based on his statements without assumptions of what he might have meant but the implications of his statements.

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe

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