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As usual, it is expected for you to witness the unexpected and impossible in the ring. Well, the political ring hasn’t stopped giving us new reasons to be in awe of the players.

Well, the Presidential Candidates, not all, were invited for the prestigious Presidential Debate, where, in a normal country, allows each candidate showcase his/her intelligence by displaying his/her understanding of problems and the plausible solutions to get rid of the problem either in Long, Medium or Short term periods.

The Vice-Presidential debate, remember? The one with the China Ambassador and the Wear were where Crooner came out to give us facts (and otherwise) about the goings-on in the Nigerian and World Economy. With that, the Bar for the main Debate, Presidential Debate, was raised and it didn’t fail.

The main man was absent, the popular opposition showed up, then left (o rude gan) because main man was absent. Of all presidential candidates, all but 1 were invited, 3 had a debate, 2 were in their houses (one to watch Arsenal’s victory over Chelsea, the other, well, doing Presidential stuffs).

The 3 candidates went ahead to drop subliminal comments about the absentees whilst finding it difficult to stay on topic; guess they felt insulted by that gesture by the popular opposition candidate, I myself, an electorate, was quiet vexed by that move. That just shows he’s not interested in being accountable to us all, except their egos.

Well, Debate came to an end. BOOM!!! Female candidate withdraws from the race within a few weeks to polls, reason given was to have a coalition with the other candidates so as to give them a fighting chance against the 2popular parties. Next thing we know, her political party rejected her proposal and joined forces with main man’s party, then candidate 2 shows interest in candidate 1’s proposal and tables it with the last debate candidate and the uninvited candidate. BOOM!! INEC says they can’t pull out of the race at this point in time, which begs the question; Is it your race?

We are yet to sort that mess out and out of the blue, Judiciary Boss is suspended by the Executive Boss as regards recommendations from the Code of Conduct Boss, due to SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS of Corruption ranging from Money Laundering, Bribery, and the whole 9yards; basically White collar stuffs. Well, the reasons seemed fair enough for that, but then, the method is illegal and not constitutional, which makes one ask, who are these people we’ve elected to rule?

New Agencies and Institutions are set up for a purpose, the constitution is not adjusted in every section and subsection that their jurisdiction may reach. Some situations are meant to be anticipated before, and necessary changes made to the constitution before these are made fully functional; checks and balances. These reoccurrences really show that we do have a long way to go from being mediocre to being the Giant of Africa again.

All sorts of conspiracy theories have been birthed. Well it’s election year so the oppositions will capitalise on it to make a point, whilst ignoring the fact that the allegations being laid against the CJN are not frivolous ones as well. Then, a land with no laws is a land without crime.

As we wait for the drama to unfold between the 3 Arms, hopefully, truth about the allegations will be brought to light via a fair trial. Until next time.

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