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Oh well, the curtain closes on the Greatest Stage Yesterday for actors to prepare for the new month.

Well, one Senator was kidnapped, a Governor was in pains, A President was smuggled out of his house in a rickety car and a speaker being held up all because the session would lead to massive defection, turning the ruling party into an opposition party. The Law enforcement and Legislature still in confusion about who has authority over inviting the other to its house for questioning; hope the laws will be made clear in that aspect.

We also should not forget the fallen heroes ambushed in their base in the North East; made they rest in peace. Also not forgetting victims of dastardly acts and much more avoidable violence in Jos, Borno, and other regions. Well, the chief host of the show is yet to come out to condemn such acts; maybe he forgets that Religion and Ethnicity is a volatile matter in this country that requires zero-nepotism and religion bigot as the Chief host of the stage.

Somewhere in the South West, we await the election showdown between a man of the people and the cousin of the Party Stalwart. So it’s either opposition party wins fair and square or they are muscled out, only one result will surprise the audience, and I bet we will know which it is IF it happens. Lest I forget, the incumbent party in the 4k State has been muscled out as well. The defeat caused serious pains for states Governor and was crying wolf for his safety as his neck and hand was broken by a human-seeking teargas canister.

We should not forget the two ex-elected officers that were sent to eat ewa (beans) thanks to the gallant Female Judge and ever efficient EFCC. Not forgetting our Ogas on the streets, awon Eyan Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) with their continued trampling of human rights, endangering of citizens’ lives and properties Money. Also their gallant enabler our Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in charge of Public Relationship is ever chatty on twitter and all about petty tweets and jabs; people that are paid from our taxes and took Oaths to SERVE & PROTECT have become our OVERLORDS on the streets.

Lastly, may we take a moment to appreciate our Government for reviving the National Carrier, Nigeria Air, Logo and Branding cost about a hundred million Naira in Bahrain, grant of USD300m was released for 5percent stake; the country will own 5percent of its carrier and this will cost USD300m, and Virgin bought majority shares in another airliner for less than USD100m. Let that sink in for a moment..

Yet, no office, no aircrafts, domain name wasn’t even secured as at the time of the announcement and now they have to pay about N50m for the domain names.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Stayed tuned for the next episode of The Greatest Show on Earth.

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  1. It is definitely the greatest show on earth o… Waiting for the day tables will turn and the hunter becomes the hunted

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