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The World has gone on to become a Global village, all thanks to binary; 1s and 0s. We have finally shown advancement in instructions given to computers in other to make our lives a little bit less stressful. Same way, the humans have carried out research and studies on what makes us tick, and as times have passed with several decades and centuries, the human source code has been finally cracked and it’s just a matter of saying “Jump” and getting a “how high?” response from the human in question.

Emotion is the language of every human being. The ability to manipulate said emotions gives one the power to instruct a person or a group of people to do something and they’d do it without second guessing. All the way from Love to Hate is all about emotional manipulations. Yes, there are 2 extremes to emotional manipulation; the good part and the evil part. Making someone fall in love with you is a manipulation on it’s own, only that you benefit as well as the other person, unless of course, you have other plans forged out of revenge or just simply adding another notch to your belt. The other extreme of course could lead to violence; terrorism, revolt, crime of passion, etc.

This article is not to look at the violent extreme of this manipulation, rather, it is to talk about men being scum, especially the Yoruba Demons out there; awon ti Femi & Co. that have been trending on twitter as regards how they treated ladies unfairly. Before we go into this matter, please, note Okafor’s law “Once de be is Alway de be(please find a Yoruba person to translate this or just use Google Yoruba). Hold on to it, alongside the 3 Days Rule as major factors into this aspect of manipulation.

Ages ago, I met this chic on Instagram, same school as myself. She was single, so was I, but hey, I wasn’t on Instagram looking for the love of my life, Local Man was looking for a local delicacy within his Locality. So we hit it off, by 15mins, we moved on to WhatsApp, by day 3 we were giving glory to God for his doing of a good delicacy that we turned out to be for each other. Like every other bad habit, we became our addictions; she with the “When are you back from Lagos?“, “Are you Home?” texts, and myself with my “I’m back”, “You can come now!”, “Where are you?”, “Still Coming?” texts. This went on for a semester or two (who keeps tracks of these things), and then we just slowly weaned ourselves off each other; we now had prospects to be in relationships with.

FastForward to post School, she was serving and its been years since we chatted each other outside BCs and status viewing. On this said date, she posted one bloody hot picture; enough for me to be willing to risk it all and loose my home training.

“Aunty! Long time oo. How are you?”

“I’m good”

“How’s PPA treating you?”


“Cool Cool”


At this point, the demon almost took control like “WTF Bro?!!! this babe just stonewalled you with answers only. She didn’t even ask how you were. At least she replied quickly, meaning if you invest 3 days into this, you will have her coming to Lagos or I’ll be going all the way to the East.” It was at this moment I realised the root of the Yoruba Demonic behaviour amongst guys. The fact that they feel they’ve lost the expected emotion from the lady due to dissipation, the need to take charge grows and then they invest the next 3 days to ensure they get it back. Thus causing emotional casualty along the way. I just respected my moustache and old age and put down the phone while I told myself

That self-control is the main problem to this Yoruba Demon, and girls are too quick to get emotional as they are more in check with it, unlike these evil brothers out here whose mission is to keep scores and just quench a thirst or scratch an itch.

I was once blocked by a girl for almost a year on WhatsApp, only for me to get a “Hello this is xxxxxx. Pls who is this?” Well, I wanted to place this game, or rather flog her with words for playing dumb, but then, drama is stressful. I just replied  “Sorry. Name rings no bells. Probably a wrong number” to which she replied “Wow! Really Lawon?!”. Not today satan…

I’m too stressed to be stressed.

Brother, learn to overlook these things and don’t go about breaking hearts because of Just the tip.

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