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Its no news that Taye Shittu slapped a Chief Magistrate yesterday. Here’s a source’s side of the story, and all I can tell you is that the source is also a Lastma Agent.

    Chief Magistrate was said to have beaten the traffic light, which we know even God won’t be allowed to do so if he was in a civilian vehicle. Anyways, the usual LASTMA apprehension protocol was applied by Shittu;

1) Stand in front of the offenders vehicle

2) Pressure the official to park the vehicle at the place chosen by the official

3) Get the offender to open the door and you both drive to the station.

 When it was time for phase 2, madam came down, dialed hubby’s number and the Nigerian Feminist intimidation kicked in with the popular “Do you know who I am” phrase. Anyways, uncle Taye was not intimidate and arguments turned to altercation (not forgetting that madam’s call was still ongoing). Madam decides to take matters to her hands (probably inspired by Tiwa Savage’s bravery by removing the beret of a police office) and locked uncle Taye’s starched and very expensive dry-cleaned uniform. Not knowing that uncle Taye had planned to wear the same uniform for today and tomorrow before submitting it for dry-cleaning, and there she was squeezing his uniform, he then decide to break the lock by hitting hand off his shirt from below. As he did that, his knuckle hit her face, and we know know the rest of the story.

   Traffic rules are set not only to ensure smooth traffic flow but also to reduce accidents thus saving lives. As far as you have no siren on, I see no reason to why a redlight should be beaten. Red means stop and that’s as simple as it gets. If the Governor is in a civilian car without escort or siren, he is risking his life beating the redlight. We need to understand that Uncle Taye was only doing his job and kudos to him for defending the honor of his uniform, guess the bureaucrats didn’t see it that way, and he is being charged for assault whilst madam who has been tagged the victim, assaulted him first to incite uncle Taye’s retaliation, walks free. Officer Taye, at least someone is behind you and supports your action.

 Have a nice weekend and don’t beat red light or LASTMA fit tear you blow. Safe

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