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It is no longer news that one hasn’t achieved success if he has no one (spouse(s), partner(s), coworkers, employee(s)) to celebrate the milestone with. Its tag insanity to be celebrating on your own (except you dancing to music). Take an instance that you see a grown ass man dancing on the street alone, now your  deduction would be; Eyaah, this one just got mad. Now imagine you see two people shouting, jumping and dancing on the street, your deduction will be; So whats making these ones happy now.

No matter the kind of relationship it maybe you have with whoever your companion is, only one principle applies to all in order to attain happiness; “Reciprocation”. Yes people, reciprocation, and today will be about partners/spouses/lovers etc.

You want to be cared for, loved, become his number 1 priority, and you do little to reciprocate such things. At first, he does all this to win your attention and heart, the moment he has done both and as a man with a genuine heart and intentions towards you, he continues to shower you with these things you want and need while you just don’t lift a finger to do the same towards him, please understand that one day he’ll wake up to reality: he’s sick, admitted for 3 days and he’s boo didn’t text or ring him up to check in on him because he’s been the one doing that bit since the day you met to the day you agreed to be his boo till the day before he was sick (pause).

As a heartless individual, I indulge you a moment to put yourself in his position; you show so much care to someone and the person doesn’t do a tiny shard of reciprocation. Until you know this, you will understand that even a beep/flash goes a long way than waiting for him to reach out to you every other Sunday. It doesn’t really have to be the exact reciprocation replication of what you receive, but the underlying result has to be the same; if he relieves you of financial stress and you can relieve him of emotional stress (massage, words of encouragement and always making him realise he can always count on you.

You can always find happiness with someone else

Anyways, back from the digression. This article is about the unhappy individual in a relationship. Its all about happiness at the end of it all. You can’t be happy with your job and continue to show such enthusiasm you showed when you started. You could try to find the root of this problem and try to solve it, if you fail at solving it partly because it can’t be solved (your employer’s abusive oratory), you go do well to be happy by updating your CV and move on.
That said, if you are currently experiencing a neglect from your partner (stated in the 3rd paragraph), you cloud do well to walk away from that relationship after talking to him/her about it and there’s no apparent change. Humans can compromise for love, but we can never do so for happiness, hence, our tendency to being selfish and eventually Greedy. It isn’t a terrible thing at all, never ever ever compromise your happiness because if you are not a happy being, there is little or nothing you can achieve unless you first cure your unhappiness. In this kind of relationship, a quit notice isn’t required at all; just promote a sub to boo and move on with her, you can break up with her whenever she decides to reach out to you with a “Hello baby” text when financial pipe has been cut off for about a month since you moved on.

There’s no such thing as the ideal relationship, but relationships where both partners actually put each others emotions into consideration and make them their priority; you can find happiness in being in a relationship. Now that you’re happy about your income and your relationship, you are about to be the happiest being on earth, until you achieve the CYCLE OF LIFE kind of happiness. Safe

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