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Yesterday marked the greatest revelation of incompetence and lackadaisical attitude of the average Nigerian towards service to others.

To set a standard exam, there’s a guide as to how to set said question, it’s called Test Blueprint. It’s a guide for examiners to follow so as to allow fairness towards the test takers . It follows syllabus of course of study and takes into account the time percent and effort put into each topic by the teacher. It takes into consideration for each topic the following factors; Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Application, and Assimilation.

By the time the figures are invited and calculated, the difficulty level and amount of questions for each topic will be determined. In other words, the difficulty level of questions of a topic can be determined by the total of time percent of each factor per topic. The higher the figure, the higher the difficulty, the higher the number of questions.

I wrote an exam recently and I can tell you vividly that it was totally out of sorts based on test blueprint. It was like a drop was given in class, tsunami was asked in the exam. No student should have to write that kind of exam, it brings out the aggression in you (it brought out aggression in some). Lecture notes did not even properly tally with the questions, you had to be a class outcast by reading proper textbooks to be able to survive such mental dearth.

In my defense, I was already an outcast and I braved the storm and survived unscathed (some questions left unanswered). Ironically, this course had Test Blueprint as a topic in it. What a Wawu!!!


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