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**What I happen to find myself doing as a means of Livelihood wasn’t what I ever imagined I’d find myself doing, well to start from a relevant angle will be on how I made my first million. I happened to stumble into a messy situation; a flat mate (more like a face me I slap you mate) was in the wrong with some goons (these ones had no BAJINATU), he had taken loan money to play what he deemed “SURE NUMBER” back in the early years of “BABA IJEBU”, he lost and he was in debts over his head**

A bungalow with 12 rooms, 2 toilets and bathrooms, 1 toilet and bathroom for the landlord and his family, the other for the 10 other tenants and their families. Room number 8 housed X and Sade, 2 young lovebirds just breaking into the world together, not married but crazy in love to start a life together on 2 dead end jobs, she as a waitress and X was a Nicca in the streets of Mafoluku (MFK) with the slogan “Street Boi Yato si Agbero (Street boy is different from a tout)” and like how every stupid decision turns out the strain of being too poor had began to bore through their passion.

On a morning like every other morning, Sade had left home after a fight with X to get a job and she was tired of using only her income to pay every other bill and put food on the table as well as cater for X welfare, in her words “Lai se ijoba (when I’m not the government)”. It was about 10am, X was still in bed, jamming 2face’s True Love, when he heard a quick rap on his door, and he opened and finds his neighbor sweaty and wide eyed like one who was in deep shit and would do anything to pass information across and X happened to be that person. “Bros! abeg help me hold this bag for your place. I go kan carry am for evening. If anybody ask of me, tell them say I don travel” he quick tells X, who replies “Hope no wahala Broda Chukwuma? This one wey harmattan dey catch your eyes so. No yawa, I no dey comot here”. Chukwuma walks away frantically, X peeps out to the corridor and realizes it was just him in the house, he tossed the bag under the bed, picks up his Kangol cap and leaves the house for the day’s hustle.

He got home at about 9pm to meet a crowd at the entrance of the house, a corpse which was being transported into an awaiting ambulance and then 3 police officers questioning the occupants of the house. He takes a glance at the corpse and he realizes it was Chukwuma’s body being taken into the Ambulance, he was about to walk away when he heard

“Young man, stop there. Can I have a word?”


“Do you live here?”


“Which room?”

“Officer how far na? Person die, u dey ask for my room number, na 14years be that so o, besides I’m in a relationship and I’m straighter than a ruler”

“Bomb dey your head? Abi u wan go station?”

Landlord sees the two men who were now having a heated discussion, he walks towards them and calls the officers attention

“Olopa, na him be that. The one wey im follow talk before im comot this morning!”

X realizing the implications quickly interjects “Baba sekosi bai (hope no problem old man)? Officer, he told me if anyone asked after him, I should tell them he has travelled, asides him looking sweaty and all wide eyed, nothing more oo. Dasall!!”

“Young man what’s your name?”

“Based on say you no get case with me, just call me Oluwaemeka. If you have any problems I stay in this house, just ask of me”



He looks at the bed side clock ** It’s 3:30 already. Well a nap won’t be bad, lots of problems have been solved while sleeping**. He yawns and pulls the duvet tighter……

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