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It had been 3weeks since the Independence Day Area HQ bombing and the ensuing arrests of the suspects, things were finally returning to Status Quo.

Khaleesi got up like every other day and was getting herself prepared for work right after she helped her kids get ready for school. As she was struggling with a resistant Toba in getting into his uniform as he was not interested in going to school and insistent on spending the day with her at work.

“Toba!! You are going to school today and that’s the last of it. Now be a good boy and let me dress you up for school” she said warmly to the 4year old kid.

“Awight (alright) Mummy” he replied in his toddler tongue

He was from then on cooperative. They all went downstairs to have bread and egg for breakfast, and all the kids saw their dad the first time that morning.

“Good morning Dad” Tomi and Tobi rant out when they got to the dinning table to have their breakfast.

“Morning my Prince and Princess. How was your night?” Saheed replied hugging both kids from his seat with joy in his eyes.

“Fine Daddy” they replied.

Khaleesi puts down Toba and he rushes towards the dinning table and prostrates “Ekaawo Sah”

“Morning my King! Come here for a hug” Saheed went on and lifted Toba on to his laps. “How was your night Oluwatoba?”

“Daddy!” Toba continued “Can I go to work with you today?”

Saheed looks up at Khaleesi, who quickly shook her head in disapproval of that idea.

“Well let’s ask mummy then” Saheed replied.

“Mummy wans me to go to school” Toba said disappointed

“Well, your mom knows what’s best for you son. If she says you go to school today, then to school you go. Ok?” Saheed pressed.

“Ok daddy” Toba sighed.

The family left home with the kids going with their respective school buses and their parents heading to their offices.

12:13 PM AREA Command

The ACP walks in and next to her was Agent Yakubu of the DSS and both of their Adies behind them. As they waltz through the floor towards Thin Lee’s office, all the officers of the Intelligence Unit stood at attention to salute the ACP, who nodded in response.

Thin Lee was on his feet by his door and closed it behind the ACP and Yakubu, whilst the aides waited outside.

“Welcome Ma’am. Tony, good to see you again. Hope there’s no problem?” Thin Lee asked as he gestures towards the Sofa offering them to sit.

“Hello Rotimi. Not really just a follow up” Yakubu replied with a smile as he took his seat.

“Makanjuola, morning. It’s really goo to see you again” the ACP looked on with glitter in her eyes.

“Well for me to have the Assistant Commissioner of Police in my office, it’s either too trivial or extremely important. If you don’t mind, let’s get that out of the way and we can continue with the pleasantries” Rotimi responded as he billed a chair from his desk to sit opposite his guests.

“Well then, if you insist” the ACP turns to Yakubu and gives him a go ahead nod.

“72hours Ago, there was a jailbreak at the Keffi prison total amount of escapees is still unknown but it’s certain that most of the CABAL suspects and associated are among them, which brings us to the conclusion that it was planned and executed by CABAL” he hands Rotimi a folder and continued “Here are the escaped Lieutenants, a Bolo and APB has been sent out for the soldiers, but we want to keep this hunt for the Lieutenants as quiet as possible. You’d find the dossier of each Lieutenant which should help in their recapture. Since you are the most impressive team I’ve worked with, I’ll leave the Lagos and bit in your hands.”

“Always happy to help Tony” Rotimi replied as he glanced through the pages of the folder.

He looked up and reassured both officers of his best in recapturing those most likely in his jurisdiction. They got up, said their goodbyes and left, he opened the door and stood by the doorway until they exited the floor.

A Sergeant walked in on the floor carrying a box. “Inspector Adeyanju, you have a package” she looked around hoping to see if the Inspector would signify.

“Over here Sarge” she waved him over from her desk “Drop it there. Thanks” she pointed at the edge of her desk as she sift through her drawer for a knife.

“It has no sender’s address, EOD and HAZMAT cleared it already. Have a nice day Ma’am” the Sergeant dropped and took his leave.

Rotimi walks out of his office “Conference room team, we gat work to….”

Khaleesi shrieks in horror as she looked into the box and passes out.

The team all confused, Thin Lee approaches the box, states into it, a wide eyed Toba’s head stared back at him.

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