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The weather was arid as he stepped off the plane into the waiting convoy.

“Welcome to Kaduna, DSP” the chauffeur greeted as he ushered Rotimi in.

“Thanks. Any idea why I’m being summoned down here chap?” He asked

“I wish I had an answer sir, but it’s pretty important as the Commissioner is waiting for your arrival.” The chauffeur replied as he fixed his seat belt and was ready to move.

“Alright then, let’s not keep her waiting then.”

A 3 car convoy tore through the cold dry streets of Kaduna City with sirens blaring.

15minutes later, they arrived at the State HQ gate, being his first time there, he was a bit surprised at the activity going on at that time of the morning (1:30am); Mobile Police (MOPOL) trucks, Special Enforcement units, anti-riot units, EODs, Air Police units, K-9 units and more units he’d only ready about in Police College.

“Did a coup happen in Kaduna?” He asked his chauffeur as he peered through the window at the magnitude of activities going on in the compound

“No Sir! Top floor Sir.” he pulled by the curb to the front door of the HQ.

He got down and walked up the stairs and was escorted by 2 Sergeants of the Special Enforcement unit into the building and down to the elevator, serving as his quick access through the security check.


The elevator doors open and his met by the Commissioner of Police.

“Morning Ma’am” he salutes

“As you were Rotimi. Time has been kind on you. How many years now?” She said with the warmest and broadest smile ever exposing a perfect dentition.

“13years Ma’am” he replied with a reciprocating smile.

“Good good. Hope the flight wasn’t that bumpy? The winds are down this time of the season in Kaduna” she asked as she walked down the hall into a room with him.

“It was great Ma’am. May I press on to why I was summoned in the middle of the Night Ma’am?”

“Well then, if it isn’t the business as usual Thin Lee.” She walked towards the curtain and raised it, “well we picked her up in what will go down as the longest gun battle in Kaduna history, only for her to identify herself as one of your team; Intelligence Unit, I presume?”

Thin Lee rose from his seat in utter shock and walked towards the one way mirror and peered into the room to see Khaleesi calmly seated at the interrogation table with a bloodied tank top. He composed himself immediately.

“Yes she’s one of mine, she’s in deep cover. Had no idea she was in Kaduna” he replied.

Deep cover meant an officer is undercover that officer reports at most once a month or 2 months to his/her handler depending on the resourcefulness and importance of the target.

“Well, had to pull this for old time sake. You have 20mins to get your stories straight before the PSC‘s investigator arrives.” She patted him on the back and walk out of the room.

“Thanks Vivian” he sad under his breath.

He went out of the observation room and made his way to the interrogation room’s door, entered. Immediately he locked eyes with her, she burst into a Bawl. He quickly went in to give her a tight hug.

“You’re okay now Girl. I’ll take care of you” he said

“I’ve really messed up now Rotimi. I shot them all in cold blood. I’ll loose my badge and freedom. Tobi and Tomi will grow up without me.”

“I’ll take care of everything, I promise you that! Get yourself together Khaleesi, we don’t have enough time, we need to get it straight.” He pulled the other chair next to hers. Picked his phone and placed a call to Ridwan.

“Are you up? Good, I need you to start a Deep UC file for Khaleesi, back dated 3months ago. Record this call to get all the details you need. Must be ready by 9am tomorrow.” He turned to Khaleesi “Walk me through the entire thing, starting from the day after Tina’s burial.”

“Well, I got up the morning after to a call from…”

To Be Continued…

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