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“Hey Honey! Morning” Thin Lee said as he descended the stairs in his house and approached his wife seated at the dinning table having her breakfast.

“Morning dear. Didn’t want to wake you.” She looked up with a smile as she placed her cheek for a kiss from her husband.

“Thanks for that. Really needed the extra sleep. I see I missed the kids today as well. Hopefully I won’t be tied down today” he picked up a mug to pour himself some coffee from the jug on the table.

“Well, Tade does miss you, if that’s any consolation” she goes on devouring her toast. “Any word of Khaleesi yet?” She mumbled with a full mouth.

“No dear. I’m sure she’s fine wherever she is. I just hope I get the first call to handle it when she surfaces again.” He takes a few gulps from the mug. He picks up his leather briefcase, said his goodbyes to his wife and leaves for the Police HQ.

As he’s busy catching up with the newspaper, phone rings, he checks and caller ID says DIG Ogungbe. He takes a deep sigh then answers the phone. “Morning Sir!”

“Morning Rotimi. You know Judge Kairu of Ikoyi?” A muffled overfed and potbellied voice asked at the other end of the phone

“Yes Sir.” He replied holding back a giggle as he pictured the DIG in his head.

“Good. Head to his house. Keep it away from the media as long as the possible.”

“Alright Sir. On my way now” he ended the call, then instructed his driver to take him to the Judges house.

One hour later, the ASP’s vehicle enters the posh area of Banana Island, his vehicle approached a 3 acre compound with a massive gate with a K inscription on it. The unmanned gate opened automatically as he drove through the driveway, about 100metres long to the doorstep. He stepped out of the opened car and thought to himself this can’t be on a Judge’s salary, walked towards the open front door and was escorted by a butler; never have I seen one of these he thought again as he followed the lead of the Butler towards the private office of the Judge.

“You must be the famous Rotimi.” A coarse voice cried out from the other end of the private office which doubled as a library.

“They are all exaggerations Your Honour” he replied as he approached the mahogany table at the right corner of the office, where a middle-age bald headed man with a tummy the size of a medium ikoko irin was getting up to welcome him.

“I pray they’re not” the Judge gestured towards an empty chair to offer the ASP a seat and walked towards the door behind his table, opened it and a clear skinned fair middle-aged woman walked in. Eyes bloodshot from overnight crying and bags from the sleepless night flowing suit.

“Here’s my wife, Josephine” he introduced her to the ASP

“Help Me” she managed to mumble under her shaky voice. “My daughter is missing.” She burst into a fresh round of tears

Rotimi adjusts himself in his seat as he awaits more details.

“It’s my troubled daughter” the Judge poured two glasses of juice, passes one to the ASP. “She’s been kidnap, or at least that’s what she wants us to think. She’ll be the ruin of me. Her mother’s child she is.” He takes a sip from his glass.

“How did you come to the conclusion about her being kidnapped” Thin Lee enquired

The Judge opens his draw to retrieve a sheet of paper and passes it to the ASP

“Received this in the mail yesterday” he takes another sip.

“Please! Find my daughter for me” the judge’s wife cried from her seat at the corner of the office

“Woman! Don’t you have a salon to be at or something?” The Judge snapped at her. She got up and left the office.

The Paper was a letter addressed to the Judge, informing him about his daughter being kidnapped and a ransom of N30Million to be paid in cash at a to be disclosed location within the next 72 hours or his daughter will be killed.

“How long ago was this?” Thin Lee asked

“2 days ago. I think” he replied lackadaisically

“What! 2 DAYS?” Thin Lee yelled “Less than 24 hours left and you’re just bringing this to me?”

“Watch your tone young man” the Judge countered “I’m sure it’s just another of her schemes to extort money from me. She and that rascal of a boyfriend of hers”

He took the details of the boyfriend, asked some follow up questions and took his leave.

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