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She pauses after she hears the door bell, reached for her service pistol at her bedside drawer and walks to the bedroom window to have a look into the compound.

She sees a G-Wagon and a Camry parked by the drive way and 6 men in suits (with concealed weapons) all standing at exits and entries of the cars and the compound. She picked her phone and sent a message “SOS 09012345678” to a number, put the phone in her drawer, wore her wrist watch and went down with her gun to answer the door.

“Good Morning Madam, the Boss requests your presence, Tayo will relieve you of all weapons Ma, kindly get into the SUV” an eloquent voice greeted her as she opened the door to a well-dressed young man in his 20s. Immediately a hefty Man approaches her and stretched his hand to collect the Pistol, and went ahead to scan her with a metal detector for any other weapons before escorting her into the vehicle then sedated her. “Let’s go”, the young man beckoned at the drive and the drove off.

She woke up and found herself in an abandoned oil mill factory, strapped to a chair .

“Hello Theresa, or should I say Inspector Adeyanju or Khaleesi? Yeah! I know who you are and you will tell me all I need to know” a middle aged man with all white beards and Moustache in white suit seated opposite her went on.

“Kelvin! What’s going on” she replied

“Please drop the act. I pay good money for information already.” The man continued “I know you are Narcotics undercover, I just want to know how much you know before your chapter is closed.”

“Kelvin, please, I don’t understand?” Ins. Adeyanju went on.

“Well, this happened” he dropped a series of document on her laps

“Alright then. Seyi, I guess all cards should be on the deck right now” she smirked back.

“This is Rasaki, his specialty is getting information out of people. He’ll be your host today and report to me”

“Yes! At the very least, if today is my last day on earth, you could at least confirm my suspicions.”

“Well, you are just another notch on the belt. I just don’t understand why they keeping sending officers after all of them have been disposed of? Well, old habits die hard. Seyi will give me the rest of the details soon” he got up to take his leave.

“I believe I’ll be seeing you soon though” she muttered

“Exactly what the guy before you said and the one before him. Goodbye Adeyanju” he walked towards the exit.

Rasaki approached the workbench on her left with series of tools on it. “Hello! Welcome to today’s class. Do we begin with the bones, muscles or electricity? I’ll make an exception today as you’re the first female undercover I’m working on today. It’s about to be a nude day” Rasaki smirked on, turned towards the 2 guards and continued “Kindly relieve Inspector Adeyanju of her heavy clothing, thanks”.

As they made their ways towards her she looked up at them “Too bad you won’t see it coming”

Both men dropped like a bag of rice on the floor and a Special Unit Team made their way towards them barking others at Rasaki




She was untied and was told that the commander was waiting for her outside. She thanked them and made her way out of the factory whilst the team secured the factory. On getting out side she sees 3 more teams making sure every other goon were being cooperative, handcuffed and loaded onto the truck.

She approached one of the men “Where’s the CO?” She asked

“Right by the SUV ma’am” the sergeant replied pointing towards the G-Wagon that picked her up from her home.

“Thank you Sergeant. As you were!” She replied and headed towards the suv. “Hello Rotimi” she smiled at the dark shade wearing man in a round neck and Teflon vest.

“Khaleesi. It’s not even Monday yet and I’m saving your ass yet again. They always overlook the wristwatch, quick thinking though. How’s Tobi, Tomi, Toba and Saheed?” Thin Lee went on.

“They’re good. Where’s that piece of shit?” She walked faster towards him

He opened the back door and dragged a handcuffed Seyi out. “Ohh you’re in trouble now” he whispered into Seyi’s ears as he pulled him out of the vehicle.

She approached him smile, and got in close to him, about 4 inches close from his face and whispered “Hello again Seyi, we meet again”

She looked at Rotimi, “Did you just see that, he just tried to head-butt me Rotimi” she went on to land a knee in between his legs.

“That’s self defence to me Khaleesi. Isn’t he fighting back as well?” DSP. Makanjuola said loudly for every officer present to hear.

Seyi went to his knees, she went down to him and whispered “You will rot in jail and if any member of my family gets as much as a muscle spasm from this moment on, I’ll ensure your death in prison isn’t swift and painless. Trust me, you ain’t my first big catch.”

“Well, it’s your case, I’ll leave it all to you Khaleesi. See you at work tomorrow”. Rotimi hugged her, turned to the other officers “Round it up boys! Wolf team is the Inspector’s detail. She has Command now! Glad to see you’re unharmed Ma’am” he turned and walked towards his car and took his leave.

“Let’s Clear out boys! I have to prepare lunch for my kids soon! Double up men!” She handed Seyi over to the team leader and went on into the lead vehicle and they all cleared out of the compound to the Station.

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