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The DSP took a seat opposite a man in an all white Guinea, whom was beaming with smiles as Thin Lee sat down.

“Rotimi, you’re looking stressed, I presume it’s this estrange case is the reason behind these lines on your face” he said, whilst waving towards the waiter to hasten his order.

“Have a drink son. I have great news for you” the man said happily.

It had been ages since Thin Lee had seen him that happy, and he began to wonder what could be the source of this much joy.

“Egbon, kilon shele? (Bro, what’s happening?)” Thin Lee enquired with a bit of caution mixed with a splice of caution.

“Well,” he downed a glass of champagne “your case has come to an end. “I have a story for you”

“After much persuasion here and there, lips started wagging and discovered it was a power struggle move meant to be hidden inside a gang war. The target was my cousin’s boy for his father’s position in the NURTW.” Anyways, its all going to be taken care of, you get the killer as promised and we get the mastermind.” He paused to take a sip of champagne, and his eyes wander off with the behind of an endowed girl that walked right past their table.

“Egbon!” Thin Lee called out with some sarcasm in the tone.

“Eh Aburo! Ori omo yen ni? (Didn’t you see that girl?)” he snapped out of the wandering and replied Thin Lee with a smile.

That was one of the reasons he had always respected and feared the gentleman in front of him. He was decisive, brutal, sarcastic and could be all of these at the same time without being sentimental and maintaining a composure of a dangerous man while at it.

“Egbon, can I have a word with this mastermind at the very least?” Rotimi enquired.

“Awww, pele (sorry). He’s in the dying process under the Lagoon” he replied with an obvious sad yet pitiless face.

“Egbooooon!!! Awori Necktie?” Rotimi said with disappointment on his face.

“Oh!! It’s be upgraded and its been renamed Epe Ascension” he said with utter disbelief in his eyes, then continued “So you go along with the Awori Neck Tie, then they are dumped naked at night with enough oxygen for about 12 hours, so they get to see the sunrise at least before the run out of air, if hypothermia doesn’t kill em before then. Genius! You been out of the game too long kid.” He laughed genuinely.

“I’m guessing you have information about the killer?” blurted with disgust.

“Oh! Yes! I almost forgot about why we’re here” he retorted. “Well, he gave him up before he’s ascension. The triggerman has been briefed on his version of the story…”

Thin Lee with an incomprehensible look on his face interjected “Version?”

“The Motive. I believe that’s always the key to solving a crime” he clarified.

He slides across a note to Thin Lee, “You’ll find him there, how you connect him to the crimes and how he decides to be arrested is up to you. Later” he gets up to answer a call “I’m on my way.”


All personnel were seated in the conference room with Thin Lee at the head.

“What we have thus far are; Kross’ and J.R’s Coldroom theory, Khaleesi’s and Josey’s Morgue report of bodies being preserved prior to dumping. That’s about it right?” He ended the silence in room.

“That’s about it boss” they all answered with disappointment.

“Well, I received a tip about whom and were to find the killer from a trusted CI. Gear up people, we have a case to close.”

Somewhere in Ariyo







The 5 middle-aged gentlemen all took their seat.

“This emergency meeting is to honour the memory of my son. Since all has been taken care of, let us all go about our business and the 4 of you should come up with nominees for the open position for Ariyo Unit Chairman.”

Following day…

The NPF has finally apprehended the murderer of 11 boys in the Ariyo local Government Area of Lagos State. The AIG’s special Unit carried out the operation after their investigation led them to the Killer’s hiding spot. In a briefing this morning and interview, it was deduced that the killer was only trying to get turfs from rival gangs as a large amount of amphetamines were also recovered from his safe house, alongside weapons; Knife guns, knife, and a machete as well. The State’s Commissioner reassured the Citizens of Lagos that the safety of everyone in Lagos state remains the priority of the Nigeria Police Force…

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