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“Lagos ###$*#*^$#*$^!”

Thin Lee slowly regained consciousness but his vision was blurry and he heard the disrupted message from what he assumed to be the door to the 12thfloor. He turned to his left and saw the remaining officers either regaining consciousness or still unconscious, he turned the other way and saw Ridwan laying still and back turned to him.

“Lagos Fire Se##$#####!”

The deafening tone in his ears won’t let him ick out the rest of the words, his vision was a bit steady now, and he looks down at his feet and sees the AIG lying unconscious at the end of his feet. He proceeds to get on his feet to have a view of the entire room and the loud ring in his ears was beginning to subside.

“Lagos Fire Service, Call out!”

“Over here!”

Rotimi turned towards the voice and saw Ridwan calling out to the firefighters and directing them towards the meeting room. He then proceeded to clear the debris off some of the now recovering officers, and then directed the first firefighter to approach him towards the AIG, “Get him out of here fast!” he yelled.

As he was tending to the debris, Ridwan joined him

“Boss. Are you good?” he asked the DSP

“Yes. You?” he asked back

“I’m fine boss”

“Good. Check on the team, rendezvous at the MCC.” Rotimi waved him on.

“Alright Boss.” Ridwan hurried away.


Mobile Command Centre


“Come in guys. Everyone okay?” Thin Lee asked his team

“Asides bruises, we’re good” Josey replied

“Good Man. Take a seat, we are solving this explosion, today!” he looked all serious.

“Here’s the info I have so far,” he continued. “They are called Cabaland they seek to cause chaos to attain order. You know how all terror organisations stand on a belief, well, they do.”

“The spokesperson is a woman of south east origin,” Ridwan continued “Anambra to be precise. She slipped in the last ‘Plice (price)’ and ‘Leach (reach)’. Though the voice was scrambled, the pitch always gives it away; so the speaker was either an Anambra woman or a high-pitched voiced Anambra man.”

“Well, I knew I could count on you for something that might evade us all in that meeting. Thanks Ridwan” the DSP moved the briefing on. “Now go out there, interview every one in the surrounding buildings, someone must have seen something, at the very least, the owner of the vehicles or the person or person that planted the bombs in the vehicles parked along the building.

“Move it People!” Josey screamed.

The DSP was moving around the emergency triage set up by the paramedics and Medical personnel on the scene when he noticed 2 black SUVs with black tinted windows without license plates driving towards him. He turns to view the explosion site and scans round smiles and waited for the gentlemen in black now walking towards him.

“DSP Makinde?” a soft-spoken voice asked from the group of 5 gentlemen walking towards him.

“Who’s asking?” he replied

“Anthony Yakubu, DSS. Call me Tony” he put out his hand for a handshake

“Call me Thin Lee. Walk with me bro, I’m on a case.” He shook his hands and point towards the direction he was headed.

The two men and their teams walked towards a bank that was also affected by the shockwave of the blast.

“What are we looking for?” Yakubu asked

“I and my team are looking for images of before and after the blast. No offence bro, my house got thrashed, and I’m going to clean it up. You can tag along for observation, guests are always welcome in our home, regardless of its looks” he smiled in response.

“Understood Chief. I’m here to help in anyway you deem fit, for today, after which, I take over the case.” Tony replied.

“Are both of you are done measuring d**ks? The cameras don’t point outwards, that was the rule given to the properties surrounding the station” Khaleesi interrupted.

“But the ATM cameras don’t” Thin Lee replied, chuckling from her comments. “Get me the footages of all ATMs on this side of the street”.

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