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Independence day parade was going on as smooth as ever at the Police College Grounds and in the pavilion overlooking the Parade Ground was dignitaries from the State Government as well as Police Top Brass.

As the program dragged on, DSP. Rotimi was leaving the Pavilion, also his team members broke out of formation. They met at the car park, where he then instructed them to head to the Command and beckoned on Ridwan to ride with him.

As he was headed there, he scrolled through Newsfeed and realised that there was an attack at the Eagle Square Abuja in which 3 simultaneous explosions occurred and the casualty figures were still reeling in and one suspect was already in custody as regards the incident. He looked up to his driver “Sirens up Son.” The driver acknowledged and put on the siren and stepped on the accelerator.

On getting to the Command HQ, the team arrived shortly behind them and the scene at the command was quite frantic as officers were pacing up and down and no one was even paying attention to whom they bumped into while running here and there, answering calls, barking orders and receiving instructions as well. His team huddle around him and he told them to go wait for him at the briefing room while he and Ridwan headed to the 12th floor for his briefing.

The 12th floor was a rarely visited floor and was basically the emergency room for a Nationwide or Statewide crisis and as expected, it was crowed just like the Command’s ground floor, phones ringing and distorted incomprehensible chatter here and there. He looks to the other end of the room towards the left side where the briefing room was situated, and saw some top brass in there already, he made his way through the commotion towards the room and was met by an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

“DSP. Makanjuola?” the ASP asked.

“Yes.” he replied

“Welcome Sir” the ASP continued “They’re expecting you Sir.”

He looked at the Inspector behind the DSP “He has not be authorised to be in that room Sir. He can wait outside with me till the briefing is done.”

The DSP turned to Ridwan “Sieve” and winked.

“Yes Sir!” Ridwan smiled.

Rotimi walked into the room and it was a full house; the Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), Lagos State and Ogun State Commissioners of Police (CP), Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant Commissioners of Police, Chief Superintendents of Police, Superintendents of Police. Scanning round the room, he was the lowest ranked officer in the room and the only Deputy Superintendent as well. The Lagos Officers on one side of the table, their Ogun State counterpart on the other end, and the AIG at the head of the table.

“Nice of you to join us DSP. Take the seat there.” The AIG pointed at the seat opposite him at the head of the table.

“Gentlemen and Ladies,” the AIG continued “the Nation is under attack by a Shadow organisation that has finally decided to show their faces today. This video was sent to the IG after the attack.”

He pressed the spacebar of the system in front of him and a video plays on the big screen behind the IG. It had the face of the speaker blurred and his voice distorted; sounding like one overdosed on bass.

“This Nation is a failed State, and this attack is only just the beginning. Theres a new rising and we sure have the backing of the people. We are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We are a complex organism yet move like single organism. Joy is certain at a price of sorrow, and order at the price of chaos. No one is to powerful or high up for our reach. We are CABAL”

The video goes blank and the officers adjusted in their seats, awaiting the AIG to break the silence.


Sequential explosions rocked the building.

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