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4 APVs with 2 vehicles behind them could be seen tearing through the 3rd Mainland Bridge towards Lagos island in the evening of October 1st.

“It’s going to be a good day today boys! We are hunting the pigs that killed our brothers earlier today. Do not get trigger happy, Command wants them alive and coherent” Sgt. Akpabio yelled over his radio to the other men in the APVs “See a suspect with detonator or reaching for one, make it quick and clean. Everyone is going home tonight. COPY!!”

“Alpha Team Copy!”

“Bravo Team Copy!”

“Charlie Team Copy!”

“Take it all in boys, we set things right today!” the Sgt. yelled again.

“This is Feather 1, approaching convoy from your right, going ahead to give you clear route to your target” a soft voice rang out on the radio.

“Copy Feather 1. Clear skies I hope?” replied the Sergeant.

“So far so good Alpha 1” replied the soft voice. “Say hi”

An helicopter flies over the convoy from the right across the bridge and goes on towards Lagos Island as well.

Back at the Mobile Command Centre, the Intelligence Team and the DSS team are glued to the radio and live feeds from helmet cams and helicopter cam.

“Alpha 1, you are 5mins to target” the soft voice alerts the convoy.

“Command, give us the faces” the Sgt. yells again.

“Incoming” Ridwan proceeded to the console and forwards the images of the suspects to the Sgt. “All yours Alpha 1”

“Thanks Command!” Sgt. continued “Go for your console boys. Memorise those faces boys, you see any of them, you arrest them. As of today, they have no rights. Am I clear!”




“2 mins out Alpha 1.”

“Weapons check!”




“Look alive and keep it tight boys, we’re about to do the Lord’s work”

“Alpha 1 you’re on scene. Will keep a birds eye update for you. Godspeed!”

“You heard the lady! Go! Go! Go!” Sgt. says dismounting from the APV along with the other teams “Charlie team cover the exits, Bravo team 5th floor and 6 eyes on 6th Floor, Alpha we take care of 7th floor. EOD personnel with each team to give all clear for the breach. Stay sharp and peeled boys!”

The 3 teams split into 5 groups; 2 in a tight Diamond formation with the EOD personnel in the middle and advance towards a high rise residential building.

“Alpha Team in position, clear for breach”

“Bravo 1 in position, clear for breach”

“Bravo 2 in position, no movement here”

“Silent breach. In 3, 2, 1, Breach!”

“5th floor Clear!”

“We’re Clear here! How are we looking down there Bravo 2?”

“No movement still”

“Set charges now”

“Charges set”

“Bang and smoke in 3, 2, 1 Breach”

Two loud explosions shook the building floors, followed by 2 more bangs, then smoke could be seen leaking off the balcony of the 6th floor.

Alpha team rappelled down to the 6th floor via the hole they made in the floor with heat vision masks for sight aid in the smoked apartment below.

“We got 2 runners out here Alpha 1” 4 gunfire later “Make that crawlers!”

“This is Bravo 1, sweeping from the 3rd bedroom”

“Alpha 1, I see 3 armed bogeys on the balcony!”

“Copy Feather 1. Keep your distance.”


“Talk to me people!!”

“2 bodies here. Explosion hit!”


“All Clear here!”

“Good! Keep it tight to the balcony”

“This is the Police, put your weapons down, hands behind your head and turn around and walk towards me slowly! No one has to leave here in a bodybag.!” The Sgt. barked at the 3 men on the balcony “I won’t repeat myself”

The 3men slowly placed their weapons on the floor, locked their hands behind their heads and slowly walked backwards to the policemen in the apartment. 3 men approached them and yelled “On your knees!” They complied and knelt down.

Bracelets were slapped on their wrists rather too tightly and the were taken along with the 2 crawlers (shot in both legs) in the lobby to the 3rd APV.

“This is Alpha 1 to Command, scene is clear for CSU. Off to base with the cargoes!”

“This is Command, CSU is 6mins out, leave a welcoming team behind ”

“Copy Command!” Sgt. turns to his team “Charlie team, secure the perimeter for CSU and EOD. Bravo and Alpha teams, Clear Out!!!”

3 APVs leave the scene escorted by the helicopter back to the Mobile Command.

The Intelligence and DSS teams come out to welcome the APVs as they arrive the Command premises which was still a bit rowdy.

The Sgt. goes ahead of his team to meet the approaching officers to greet them. He was commended for a job well done and he led them to the 2nd APV which was were all the arrested individuals were stashed.

“Well then!” Tony began “We will take it from here Thin Lee. When we need your assistance, we will reach out, but you will be in the loop on my findings. The Department of State Security is grateful for your assistance, if you have any objections, take it up with the IG who will take it up with my Director. Hope to see you again Deputy Superintendent!” he said stretching out his hands to the DSP

Thin Lee a bit disappointed stretched out his hand to shake him.”You’ve done a good job today DSP, one of the swiftest detective work I’ve ever witnessed. You have my respect, Sir!” he smiled while still shaking hands.

“Alright boys, let’s give them some room to mourn their brothers”

The APVs and the DSS vehicles at the head leave the State Command Premises.

“Alright people” Thin Lee turned to his team ” back to the MCC”

The men and lady raised a glass to the fallen officers, said their good byes and headed home to their families.

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