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Growing up the way I did was a little way off the normal kids do. I had siblings old enough to father and mother me, actually, I do have a nephew 2yrs older than I am and another 2years younger. Anyways, I grew up with men and women as siblings and I remember some debates or arguments do come and my opinion was sought after on the issue, I just pretend I don’t even know what’s going on. If I should give my opinion, the side not supported will render maybe a slap or 2 for doing so.
These events might have led me to find comfort in the arms of older girls. I’ll paint a picture of what I’m saying in the next few lines. I lost my virginity to my immediate sister’s age mate (4years older than I am), my first girlfriend was a few months older than I was, every other form of relationships after her were with way older girls, only on 2 occasions did I share a kiss with 2 lassies I’m older than, and my current girlfriend (for the 1st time and she’s my 2nd girlfriend) is younger than I am.
Don’t regard this as me bragging, but, as me trying to help others like me. When you listen to conversations and witness actions and reactions that I experienced as a kid, you’ll look at life from a very total angle (you’re 8 and your mind works like an 18yrs old kid). I learned tons of lessons from just observing my siblings and I applied them. Younger girls (usually 0-24 and sometimes by their conception of life) are looking for that Clark kent guy that at the same time will promise them the world, while they go on wanting you to read their minds and want you to speak yours, also be looking for that first relationship to be the last. In short, younger girls are Thomases, they will continue to doubt you until after 2 kids. Older girls on the other hand, speak for you, know you can’t give them the world, since you make them happy, nothing else matters.
For guys like me out there, I believe cowards is the right description for us. You need to understand that you need a lady so u can protect her, and you both need to go though life learning from your mistakes. You don’t need a woman that has seen it all and she’s teaching you all you need not do, in that way, she’s your mother again and she’s running your life for you. If you feel all I’m saying is bullshit, please stick with your cougars and have fun. As for me, it was a nice ride and I’ve disembarked from this course and offer to a more matured one. I only hope this one isn’t an experimental one, I pray I don’t disappoint her though.
Just in case Lewis Hamilton is reading this, if you really love Nicole Scherzinger, nicca, ask for her hand in marriage. She’s 35 mate, will you ask for it when you’re 35? She’ll be 42 by then. If you want her, then you need to step it up. Nuptial bells bro.

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