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February 16th came and went, lo and behold, no elections. INEC has a budget of N190B and 4years to plan for this, yet, they weren’t ready. Wawu!!

Prior to that, plenty drama unfolded from all concerned about them, their candidates and their parties coming out on top.

Did I forget to mention after a series of post-debate interviews, an interviewer earned herself the name Okokomaiko Christiana Amanpour?

Also, some rally dramas, with a certain Baba Isale throwing the party flag like Used stick sweet in anger because the audience refused to drink hot Zobo and eat burnt dodo.

The matter didn’t end there oo. Twitter was on fire as usual; some saying footing bills by a girl equals a shameless man, some said vagina has earned them the right to get their bills paid by their better halves, while others said the 2 points raised is also known as prostitution.

Not long after, we heard of an animashuan that gave someone Range Rover, house in Lekki, $20k; whether its dodo, we can’t confirm. Then we heard it was via jazz, palm from whatapp, then this bros too was entertained with proper nudes as well from another Aunty. All these made me wonder if I really don’t know how to use twitter.

Then another contender, probably due to over-confidence took a step further in his camp by reiterating his intentions to sell NNPC to rich Nigerians in the wake of him apologising for selling a $4.2B govt asset for $125M during his time as Assistant Class Captain.

We must not forget that Olori said that ballot box snatchers should be shot on-sight. That one then sparked another debate, which begs the moral standing of Nigerians (top to bottom). Debate is still going on though, and it’s advisable for you all to leave your lunch boxes at home o.

Then the State Govt. that started a rumour in a bid to incite violence too was exposed, fortunately, it was postponed before the actual escalation of violence began.

I’ve not done justice to the drama, but I promise to make this a weekly piece and more detailed.

Stay safe, cast your votes and go home. May the best man win.

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