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It’s been a while I started blogging and it was only until recently my writing was put to use by a company thousands of mile away. I was brought in as one of the beta testers for their new web platform, as they would like to shift from the existing native mobile app.

VIBBIDI is a unique fusion of your favourite music streaming services and a social media platform, combining AI technology with User submission to make an experience that is fully-controlled by the User community. Yes I get it, finally, no one person gets the monopoly of a big company behind them to force their music opinion on us, just because they own the airwaves.

I’ve been able to share my thoughts on my favourite songs and songs that will never make it to my library, while I discovered new artistes in the process of exploring the platform, artistes that I wouldn’t find on any paid streaming service platform.

All these collected/saved songs aren’t stored on your physical memory, rather, they are stored on VIBBIDI’s server and can be accessed on multiple devices at the same time so long as. As far I have known about it, it is a free music stream with a lovely user interface and a simple yet sleek user experience, which guarantees easy navigation and very responsive to your touch or clicks. No need for likes or retweets, none of that matters because all that matters is the fact that you can just listen to your music, drop your opinion and don’t be bother or pressured about how others interact with your opinion or what/how they feel about your opinion of the music or artiste.

If opinions and narratives are not your thing and you just seek to enjoy music, you can go ahead and listen to your favourite artistes with little or no regard for other’s narratives and find your way to Theme Collections that have songs for different moods from happy all the way to melancholy. A selection of songs for every mood just to help you come out of whatever hole you find yourself a better person than you went in.

Visit today to try out the features I’ve been enjoying prior to its full launch in the summer, and also see my narratives as well. Be warned though, you just might be hooked to it. Enjoy this new experience of Streaming Revolution.

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