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In Memory of RIM

In Memory of RIM

RIM as we all know brought out the texting platform for all its users for over a decade, making it the first choice for business men and women, youths as well. Since then, they’ve. upgraded their software and design in a bid to catch up with new and old competitors (iOS, Andriod, Symbian, Windows) and have managed to have a large market base in africa due to this unique messenger (Blackberry Messenger).

The BB fever hit Nigerians 07/08 (not very sure) and like every epidemic, everyone caught it (even the NURTW bobos). BIS was then for 5k, as time went on, it dropped to 3k then to 1.5/1.4k (when I joined the rave // broke ass nicca) on to 1k a month, and came with offers such as unlimited data (gimmick! It was only 3GB) and when andriod came in, it met stiff competition from RIM because of the data plan. So it was common to see a nicca with a Blackberry as the show off phone and of course a china phone or a remote control (sometimes math set) as the customer care line until Nokia came up with the everlasting torch light phone (where wee listened to the caller from the back), due to the abysmal battery life of a BIS-ed blackberry on 3G.
As time went on niccas trade their show off phones for the andriod (phones and tablet) and their customer careline for a curve2 or bold2/4 (due to their amazing battery power and ruggedness). They held on to their BBs because of the 3GB data plan which they used exclusively for heavy downloads, and of course, le BBM, while they oppressed with the more sophisticated phones (HTC, Samsung, Xperia, nd apple). So RIM held their own with the introduction of os7 then Porsche and later this year os10 (Z10, Q10, Q5)sales couldn’t be better for RIM (tho most of em were London used) and they actually forgot how easy it is for Nigerians to forget your value; motorola is an example after the Rzr {blade}, Rzr 2 {blade 2}, L6 and L7, Peble {water proof}, and somehow disappeared from the radar once nokia offered us phones with better options (internal memory, screen size, open source os, daring designs and spare parts everywhere) at cheaper rates. Hence their suicidal decision.
BBM got new competitions from the likes of whatsapp, wechat and other cross platform messengers and I think it bothered RIM so much and made them believe BBM alone will also be better on cross platforms (no longer exclusive to Blackberry OS) and decided to make it available to andriod and iOS users, while they ignored or didn’t realise they were killing their major (probably their only) source of profit in the african market by giving the license out.
Here’s the suicide. Why would I want to by a blackberry OS7 (bold 5 etc) for about 45K, hwhen I could just by a 4.0 andriod and still ping, also not forgeting the longevity of their battery life than the Blackberry counterpart. And my real shout out goes to tecno mehn!!! Those blokes be giving samsung some tough time. For example the N9 tab and the Galaxy tab2: the N9 tab, is far better than the galaxy in terms of processor (quadcore), screen size (8″), battery life (4500), its slimmer and lighter, more usb ports (contact #ifa for infos of the just stated properties), and guess what, comes with the latest jelly bean version 4.2.2 all for a price which is 16k lesser than the samsung (52k). Well the only tin not sure is its durability as it just came out 1month ago.
BBM is/was launched today on andriod and iOS and my sincere sympathy goes to that unsuspecting nicca or lady who is at Slot or at an online mall ( right now, paying for a Q10 when he/she could have just picked up an HTC One ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡). E lo gbo o (you’ll use it to its old age), ole o nigba o (thieves with take it)..
In other news, guess my relationship with RIM has reached its end, as I am leaving her for the more dynamic open source andriod, and guess what I’m taking our child (bbm) with me. I dey port mehn and all my bb users out there, do the same. #okBye

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe

2 Replies to “READ: The Suicide Pill”

  1. What will you have them do? There were reports that they were struggling to maintain the company. Loosing sole rights to the BBM would make some money for them… plus remember that any apps that will work with BBM must com from BB app world. a suicide pill that might save them. safe

  2. I’m sure that their patent on the BBM had expired or was soon to expire and that informed their decision to sell it off.

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