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Like the title of this article reads, this is the truth from a neutral angle. You can “take it” or “leave it,” its not a core-course.
This is about our christianity (other believers should still read to be enlightened) which we have trampled with so much, we can barely tell farce from truth, where as all you need as guidelines are in the Holy Book “Le Bible” to ur actions towards attaining Christ-Like (christian) life.
Catholics and Sister Doctrines (Methodist etc): Catholics were the first sets of christians, they are the architects of the

foundation of doctrines to which other churches build on directly or indirectly. They brought about saints and cults of saints, honouring of Mary, use of crucifix as the symbol of christians, the brought all the feasts celebrated world wide today (originally by them or conversion of roman feasts) like christmas, easter etc. The celebacy oath, monasteries, and organisational structure in the religion, at one point, the ruled the world and enforced it with it rules they so created. Well, other doctrines or churches broke out of them till we now have churches everywhere today, and they all point out numerous reasons (which I do agree with) especially the worshipping “Mary” point.

Pentecostal Churches: The new path to heaven and God churches, with also the same organisation structure from the mother church (catholic) and tweaks here and there in the doctrines. Today, there are different types of pentecostal churches with yet different doctrines amongst themselves and will continue to breakout until they create their own ideal church.
As christians, we refer to ourselves as the “children of God”, while our islam brothers refer to themselves as “servants of God”. As it is, the ways of the prophets of the old testament and down to Jesus shows servitude to God. We have taken this word for granted so much that its now the other way around in our country. We’ve been told (and read lots of time) about the feats and story of the different peoples in “Le Bible” especially that of Jabez and the King that reversed his death by asking God for extension, no prophet was need for such feats, all that is required is quiet and long prayers to God.
These days, we have enslaved ourselves to the servitude of God, we have been re-oriented to that facts that you need and must seek help from our spiritual leaders before you carry out any project and I really don’t see the difference between them and the ifa priests. They have anointed themselves consultants on spiritual matters, they wield so much power that its scary. Our different GOs in Nigeria have all been idolised (yes or yes) either by themselves or by their followers (remember its christ-like not GO-like). They have assets average (not forgetting hardworking) citizens can’t acquire, then they preach being contented with what you have while they continue to think of expansion for there auditoriums (practice what you preach). They have ventured into education (which a thierd of the congregations can’t afford), they host conventions and other programs (aside the sunday services) and this same people go there and give what they have back to the church as offering, tithes and donation towards the build of the schools et al.
We the congregation have our own blame. You work from monday to saturday, why can’t you just go for service, come home and rest? Instead, u join the choir for the first service, usher for second service and drama for 3rd service (you want to kill yaself?). Even God rested, who are that don’t deserve rest? Sometimes I wonder whether God is up there considering to send another son to come tell us all these things or he’s actually having fun watching this band wagon actions of ours.
These GOs now move in convoys and security heavier than the President himself, leave in palaces fit for kings and merchants, yet they happen to be God’s mouth piece. They are far away from the hardship of impoverished populace, and year in year out, the preach about the give to receive business God is into, they author books and they sell it, they market peoples books and music albums (turned it to a market place), nothing is free, they even lock up the church, and slowly we are creeping back to the times when Popes ruled the world. Whatever your GO says is final! He is the referee in our lives, we’ve been made to believe you can’t read the bible yourself and understand it unless you use guides made by them (daily manner, open heavens etc). They give predictions at the beginning of the year (which are all based on logic ie inevitables) such as death of politicians, births by ladies who thought they were barren (no Dr report to back it up), but none of them saw the natural disaster last year (floods of 2012).
Le Bible didn’t ask for your physical thanksgiving to be at the church. You want to show gratitude for what he has done for you? Help a fellow human being. Take your food stuffs to that orphanage that’s barely going by, or help that your neighbour that can’t afford to feed himself and his family because “The poor shall continue to remain amongst you” (words of Jesus Christ himself).
By the time you’ve read all this you, you can say “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,” duly consider yourself brainwashed or you are about to brainwash people by making your own mystery.
In order news, I’m a christian and sloth is a sin which I can’t commit. What of you? “And the truth shall set you free”.
Have a nice week ahead.

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe

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